The Video Conference on Summary of Poverty Alleviation and Development in the First Half of the Year is Held

On September 17th, a video-teleconference was held to summarize the work of poverty alleviation and development in the first half of the city. The conference thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on poverty alleviation and development, and re-mobilized and re-deployed the work of poverty alleviation and development in the city. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Tan Chengxu, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting and conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on tackling poverty. Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Wang Qiyao, chairman of the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, attended the meeting. Vice Mayor Hao Ming made a report on poverty alleviation and development in the city in the first half of this year.


Tan Zuojun affirmed the city's poverty alleviation and development work in the first half of the year. He pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to the fight against poverty and gave important instructions many times, explaining in depth the major theoretical and practical issues such as how to win the fight against poverty with precision in the new era, which pointed out the direction and provided a fundamental follow for Dalian to do a good job in fighting against poverty. Party committees and governments at all levels in the city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, further strengthen the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the provincial government, fully understand the situation facing the city's poverty alleviation work, take the poverty alleviation work as an important political task, work hard and tackle the difficult problems firmly to push the poverty alleviation work forward.


Tan Zuojun stressed that all departments and units in all regions should focus on the target task, adhere to the problem orientation, and accurately implement policies to ensure winning the battle against poverty in low-income villages in the city as scheduled. First, the leading role of industry should be strengthened. It should be based on local resources, do a good job in industrial development planning according to local conditions, do a good job in leading characteristic industries, optimize the agricultural production structure, improve the rural market system and provide lasting impetus for farmers' income increase. Second, infrastructure construction should be strengthened by setting up roads to connect villages in accordance with the " Four Good Rural Roads" standard, strengthening the construction of irrigation and water conservancy facilities, vigorously implementing the rural safe drinking water project, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of rural power grids, and perfecting the information network, so as to continuously improve the production and living standards of farmers. Third, poverty alleviation through education and employment should be strengthened, basic education should be vigorously carried out, vocational education should be emphasized, various education subsidy policies should be implemented, and poverty " intergenerational transmission" should be resolutely prevented. Efforts should be taken to strengthen the transfer of employment and entrepreneurship services, encourage migrant workers to return home to start businesses, and drive local farmers to increase income and become rich. Fourth, we should strengthen the bottom-up protection for poverty alleviation, build up a safety net for people's livelihood, strengthen dynamic monitoring and implement dynamic management, so as to ensure the necessary and complete protection, and play the role of " the last barrier" for the bottom-up policy. By increasing support for medical assistance, efforts have been made to solve the problem of poverty due to illness and returning to poverty due to illness.


Tan Zuojun stressed that we should adhere to the linkage and cooperation among various departments and unite a strong force to win the battle against poverty. It is necessary to uphold the Party's leadership, and the Party and government are mainly responsible for the comrades' overall responsibility. The Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development of the Municipality should do a good job in overall planning and coordination. All member units must perform their duties and take their responsibilities. The village-level party organizations must play the role of fighting fortress, and the first secretary of the village and the resident team should be in the first line. All of them should take the initiative to ensure the effectiveness of aid.


It is necessary to mobilize the government and all sectors of society, increase targeted support, give full play to the guiding role of government funds, attract more social forces to participate, and form a multi-channel and diversified investment pattern for poverty alleviation. It must strictly control the exit criteria, focus on the ten criteria for poverty alleviation in low-income villages in the city, and achieve an orderly " exit and reset". It is necessary to strengthen supervision and assessment, continue to rectify the unhealthy practices and discipline, encourage action and rectify inaction, and resolutely put an end to unhealthy practices and corruption in the field of poverty alleviation.


At the meeting, responsible comrades of Pulandian District, Wafangdian city, Zhuanghe city and the Municipal Transportation Bureau made exchange speeches.


Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the main responsible comrades of the Party and government of the districts, cities and counties, and members of the Leading Group of the Rural Poverty Alleviation and Development Leading Group and the responsible comrades of relevant units attended the meeting at the main venue. Some districts, cities and counties set up sub-conference venues.