Dalian Bay Integrated Passenger Hub Project is expected to be completed this year

In 2017, the Dalian Bay Integrated Transport Hub Project was approved as a key construction project of the provincial integrated transport and passenger hub station. At the two sessions held earlier this year, Wang Peng, a member of the municipal committee of the CPPCC, put forward the "Proposal on Accelerating the Construction of Passenger Transport Integrated Transportation System in Dalian Bay Area". The relevant departments reply that the main project of the Dalian Bay Integrated Passenger Transport Project is completed and the renovation and supporting projects are under construction. It is expected to be completed in 2018.


Road Construction - Planning for External Rapid Transit in Dalian Bay Area


The Municipal Planning Bureau replied that the Dalian Bay Passenger Terminal is an important external passenger transport hub in the city and undertakes the rolling transport between Dalian and Yantai. At present, the city's overall planning, which is being implemented in this city, has formulated a comprehensive transportation system including road network, public transportation and transportation hub to meet the needs of regional land development and transportation before 2020.


In order to facilitate external fast traffic in Dalian Bay area, on the basis of the current road, the convenient traffic connection between Dalian Bay area and high-speed railway station is realized by extending Zhenlian Road ( connected with Longhua Road ) to the west to Dalian North Station, realizing the convenient traffic connection between Dalian Bay Area and the high-speed rail station. The widened Dalian Bay Road extends northward to the planned new Jinzhou Bay Airport to realize the convenient connection between the new airport and Dalian Bay area. Dalian Bay Road extends southward to the planned Dalian Bay Cross - Sea Traffic Project, opening up the Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel - Guangming Road - Zhenlian Road, and further improving the traffic link efficiency between Dalian Bay Area and the southern part of the main urban area. In addition to the present situation of Dalian Bay Terminal Expressway, a backbone road network with efficient connection with the expressway and convenient connection with the main urban area, development zone area and Jinzhou urban area will be fully constructed to ease the regional external passenger and freight traffic.


Construction of Public Transport Facilities - Planning to Take Dalian Bay Station of Express Rail Line 3 as Public Transport Hub


Due to the remoteness of the Dalian Bay area from the surrounding public transportation hubs (Dalian North Station, Jinma Road), the single contact channel and the scattered distribution of current land use, the public transportation services in Dalian Bay are mainly concentrated in Dalian Bay Street. The Dalian Bay Station on Line 3 is far from the residential area and it is inconvenient to travel.


In order to improve the service level of regional public transport, Dalian Bay Station of Express Rail Line 3 is planned as the bus hub in the region. By planning and building the conventional bus hub and car parking lot near Dalian Bay Station, residents can easily travel on the conventional bus or car instead of Express Rail Line 3, and the land for bus station is also planned to provide basic conditions for future bus development.


Port passenger transport hub -Dalian Bay Integrated Passenger Transport Hub project, was completed


In order to meet the external passenger transport demand of Dalian Bay Port, Dalian Port Group has started the construction of Dalian Bay Integrated Passenger Transport Hub in 2015, and has formulated the transportation distribution plan before 2020 in the overall urban plan approved by the State Council. According to the traffic demand and characteristics of Dalian Bay Port Passenger Transport Hub, it is planned to have transportation facilities such as long-distance bus station, bus hub, car parking lot and taxi waiting yard.


The Municipal Transportation Bureau replied that the Dalian Bay Integrated Passenger Transportation Hub project covers an area of 71,400 square meters and a construction area of 37,100 square meters. It is designed according to the construction standard of the first-class passenger station. The average daily passenger volume is 5,455, and the highest number of passengers is 7000. The main functions include passenger transport organization, transfer and transfer, station operation and service functions, traffic grooming, communication information services and auxiliary services. At present, the main part of the project has been completed, and decoration and supporting works are under way. It is expected to be completed this year.


The Dalian Bay Area Traffic Implementation Plan and Promotion Plan will be formulated as soon as possible.


Wang Peng suggested in the proposal that the relevant departments of Dalian should promptly implement the provincial government's “13th Five-Year Plan” for comprehensive transportation planning, and formulate the transportation implementation plan and promotion plan for Dalian Bay as soon as possible according to the actual situation of regional economic development. The transportation department, planning department and Ganjingzi district government and other relevant departments should work closely together to build Dalian bay into a modern and three-dimensional comprehensive passenger transport hub and facilitate passengers' transfer.


It is necessary to comprehensively promote the construction of related transportation infrastructure, improve the function layout of passenger transport and freight logistics, strengthen the weak links, realize the transportation system of transportation and logistics hub, improve the efficiency of freight transfer, and further improve the level of postal cooperation.