Opinions of Lyushunkou District on Promoting the Establishment of Safe Consumption and Creating a Safe and Reassuring Consumer Environment (二)

四. Main tasks in 2018

(一)Carry out creation activities of assured consumption in key industries and fields

1. Improve product quality in the production area. Focusing on personal and property safety and food-related products, it is demanded to actively cooperate with the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to improve spot checks and risk monitoring; it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and inspection of mandatory and organic certification products; and enterprises should be encouraged to declare various quality awards at all levels, and Dalian famous brand products and Dalian Mayor Quality Awards should be highly recommended to establish quality benchmarks to promote quality improvement. (Responsible unit: District Market Supervision Bureau)

2. Improve the quality of goods in circulation. It is necessary to carry out the Red Shield Quality Safeguarding Action in a solid manner, focusing on inspections and spot checks on commodities with high social attention, concentrated consumer complaints, and people's lives in the circulation field, and increase the investigation and punishment of unqualified commodities. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of rural commodity quality and improve the equalization level of urban and rural consumer rights protection. Besides, it is also necessary to strengthen the protection of rights in the service sector, guide large and medium-sized commercial enterprises to actively establish a system of payment in advance of compensation for consumption, and carry out an off-line trial of unjustified returns. (Responsible Unit: District Market Supervision Bureau )

3. Improve the quality of consumption in the service sector. It is necessary to strengthen the establishment of safe consumption cultivation for business units in the service sector, conduct social supervision over goods and services, guide and urge service operators such as education and training, culture, tourism, transportation, entertainment, fitness, mediation, accommodation, bathing, hairdressing, car maintenance, public service, etc. to operate in good faith and self-discipline. Meanwhile, it is urgent to severely crack down on unfair format terms, non-performance of prepaid consumption agreements, false propaganda, price violations, service fraud, etc. Through the comprehensive use of administrative punishment, administrative interviews, public comments, social exposure and other measures, the industry bad habits and hidden rules can be remedied. (Responsible units: District Bureau of Commerce, District Bureau of Development and Reform, District Market Supervision Bureau, District Education Bureau, District People's Social Bureau, District Culture and Broadcasting Bureau, District Tourism Bureau, District Transportation Bureau, District Health Bureau and District Consumer Association)

4. Carry out the creation activities of assured consumption in the food and beverage industry. Efforts should be made to promote the further implementation of the main responsibility for food safety in small restaurants in this area, and to build a standardized street for small restaurants; it also calls for the dynamic management of food safety demonstration stores to create 10 food safety demonstration stores for catering services. Through the establishment of wholesale markets and farmers' markets, a demonstration supermarket for free meat and vegetables can be established. The treatment of food and health food fraud and false propaganda can also achieve stage results. ( Responsible Unit: District Market Supervision Bureau )

5. Carry out the creation of assured consumption in the price field. Through price supervision and inspection of price tag and unfair price behavior, the system of price tag and charge publicity will be implemented and efforts will be made to promote " price tag". It is necessary to intensify investigation and punishment, crack down on price frauds such as price fraud and price monopoly, and regulate market price order. Through unblocking the channels for the masses to appeal for price benefits, and strengthening the reporting of price complaints, the contradiction between price and fee can be resolved in a timely manner to create a good consumption environment. (Responsible department: District Development and Reform Bureau)

6. Carry out the creation of rest assured consumption in the tourism industry. Through the supervision of tourism enterprises and tourism practitioners to improve service quality and standardize service standards, tourism enterprises are guided to actively carry out the work of grade creation, and tourists are guided to rationally consume and safeguard their rights. It is necessary to unite relevant departments to crack down on acts that disrupt the order of the tourism market and promote the improvement of tourism quality. (Responsible department: District Tourism Bureau)

7. Develop the creation of assured consumption in the education industry. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of pre-school education, self-study, vocational training and other non-academic education institutions, crack down on all kinds of false propaganda and unfair competition behaviors, increase the standardization of unlicensed educational institutions, and standardize the charging and refunding of fees by educational institutions, and resolutely correct such bad behaviors as " teaching beyond the syllabus”, " teaching ahead of schedule" and " strengthening examination" in discipline training institutions for primary and middle school students. It is necessary to unblock the channels for the expression of educatees' demands, the maintenance of their rights and interests and the resolution of conflicts, and accept and handle educatees' demands in a timely manner. (Responsible unit: District Education Bureau, District People's Bureau)

8. Develop the creation activities of assured consumption in e-commerce. It is necessary to strengthen the propaganda of the creation of safe consumption in the field of e-commerce, support and supervise the establishment of e-commerce platform enterprises, promote the establishment of high-quality e-commerce enterprises, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce industry in the district. (Responsible unit: District Business Bureau)

9. Carry out the creation activities of assured consumption in the information consumer industry. It is necessary to cooperate with the Municipal Economic and Information Commission to do a good job in the declaration of pilot projects in the consumer sector, and continue to implement the “three products” special action work of the consumer goods industry. (Responsible unit: District Economic and Trade Bureau)

10. Carry out the creation activities of safe consumption in the transportation industry. By guiding the operators of the transportation industry to improve the efficiency of complaint handling, the quality of operational services can be improved, and the legitimate rights and interests of passengers can be safeguarded according to law. It is necessary to rectify the taxi overcharging, refusing to hire, forcibly merging passengers and illegal operation of private cars. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and management of the vehicle maintenance industry, severely investigate and crack down on illegal activities such as unlicensed operation, over-range operation, and repair of scrapped vehicles. It is also necessary to strengthen the management quality credit assessment and green maintenance construction, and carry out the construction of the automobile maintenance health file system. It could carry out the theme of " Rest assured consumption of worry-free learning cars" and improve the credit evaluation and reward mechanism of driving schools.

11. Carry out the creation activities of safe consumption in the cultural industry. Entertainment places can be encouraged to enrich the business format and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of entertainment places. The standardized management of cultural market should be strengthened, and efforts should be made to create a cultural market environment with standardized operation, reasonable and orderly operation and good faith transactions. Through in-depth crackdown on pornography and illegal publications, citizens can be provided with cultural products that are healthy in content, positive and popular with the masses. By strengthening the management of the safety of cultural business units, cultural business places with sound safety system and safe facilities and equipment can be provided. It is necessary to provide an environment for law enforcement supervision in which complaint channels are unblocked, complaints are handled properly, and complaints are promptly reported. (Responsible Unit: District Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting )

12. Carry out the creation activities of safe consumption in the field of health and wellness. By promoting the establishment of consumption-free medical institutions, the quality and safety of medical services can be ensured, the supervision of health and family planning institutions at all levels can be strengthened, and a scientific and reasonable medical expense control system can be established. The health supervision and sampling of swimming places, accommodation places, beauty salons and other industries should be strengthened. It is necessary to carry out random sampling inspection of disinfection products, carry out quantitative and hierarchical management of public health supervision. And the publicity rating of health credibility should be 100%. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and publicize the results of random inspections and push consumption tips through newspapers, websites, WeChat and other media. (Responsible unit: District Health and Planning Bureau)

(二) Establish and improve the protection mechanism of consumer rights and interests.

1. Establish a linkage mechanism for consumer rights protection. It is necessary to establish a joint meeting system for the protection of consumer rights and interests at the district level, with the deputy district heads in charge of the district government as conveners and the relevant 14 departments as member units, such as District Market Supervision Bureau, District Development and Reform Bureau, District Education Bureau, District Economic and Information Technology Bureau, District Public Security Bureau, District Judicial Bureau, District Finance Bureau, District People's Bureau, District Transportation Bureau, District Commerce Bureau, District Culture and Broadcasting Bureau, District Health and Family Planning Bureau, District Tourism Development Bureau and District Consumer Affairs Association. The joint meeting consists of an office responsible for organizing, coordinating and supervising the assessment of consumption creation activities. The director of the district market supervision bureau is the director of the office. Relying on the market supervision information platform and the enterprise credit information publicity system, it should strengthen the sharing of consumer rights protection information among departments, implement such systems as business exception lists and blacklists, strengthen social credit restraint and joint punishment, and realize that if one place is illegal, it will be limited everywhere.

2. Establish a mechanism for implementing the main responsibility of the operator. Through the creation of activities, the operator is urged to implement the responsibility of the first responsible person of consumer rights protection. It is necessary to guide and encourage operators to establish a product quality traceability and service responsibility traceability mechanism. It is necessary to promote the system of self-declaration of operators' products and service standards, strictly implement the system of operators' first inquiry, quality " three guarantees", recall of defective products and no reason to return goods online on the 7th, and gradually push forward the system of no reason to return goods offline and continuously improve the quality of goods and service. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of consumer rights protection service stations, support operators to carry out online dispute settlement and tripartite online mediation, encourage and guide qualified large-scale merchants, bazaars and wholesale markets, online traders and TV shopping platforms to implement the system of payment in advance and return goods without reason, improve the efficiency of handling consumer disputes and promote the resolution of the source of consumer disputes.

3. Strengthen the self-discipline construction mechanism of trade associations. It is necessary to give full play to the role of industry organizations in self-management, self-regulation, and self-purification, and promote the establishment of sound industry norms and industry standards by industry associations, strengthen industry management, and urge industry operators to implement the main responsibilities. It is also important to assist relevant departments to carry out professional mediation of consumer disputes, and consciously correct and improve bad habits in the industry and conduct dishonesty in business.

4. Improve the working mechanism for handling complaints and disputes. Efforts should be taken to further smooth and broaden the channels for consumer rights protection. All departments should accept and handle consumer complaints in a timely manner within the scope of their duties, establish and improve a rapid response mechanism for consumer rights protection, a diversified dispute resolution mechanism and a complaint handling supervision and assessment mechanism to promote the prompt and efficient resolution of consumer disputes. The analysis and review of consumer complaint data will be strengthened, the illegal acts involved in the complaints will be investigated and dealt with in a timely manner, the implementation of the “suits and referrals” will be promoted, and the dual effectiveness of consumer rights protection and supervision and enforcement will be enhanced. Through the formulation and improvement of prevention mechanisms and emergency plans for major consumer disputes and group complaints, the ability to respond to mass and sudden consumption incidents is continuously improved, and regional and systemic consumer risk prevention and control are in place.

5. Strengthen the social supervision mechanism of consumer rights protection. By strengthening the guidance of consumer education, consumers' awareness of rights and capabilities will be improved, a harmonious and harmonious consumption atmosphere will be created, and consumer social protection will be promoted. By exerting the role of social supervision of the Consumers Association, focusing on the difficult issues of consumption hotspots and the new consumption areas, it could conduct intensive interviews on enterprises with concentrated complaints and outstanding problems, and urge operators to abide by the law. In group consumer cases, legal aid is provided in accordance with the law, and consumers are actively assisted in applying for public interest litigation. By exerting the role of public opinion supervision of the news media, the positive examples of integrity management can be promoted, and unscrupulous businesses and illegal activities that are illegally operated can be exposed.


五. Job requirements

(一) Raise awareness and do a good job of implementation. Carrying out the establishment of safe consumption is an important measure to implement national, provincial and municipal policies to promote consumption upgrading and boost consumption confidence, an important embodiment of changing government functions to serve people's livelihood, an objective requirement to promote structural reforms on the supply side to achieve economic transformation and upgrading, and an effective means to optimize the business environment and improve the consumption environment. All departments should earnestly raise awareness, give prominence to the activities of creating safe consumption, take effective measures and do a good job in the implementation of the work. The member units and relevant departments of the joint conference on consumer rights and interest protection in the district should carry out their respective duties, cooperate closely and jointly promote the implementation of the creation work and achieve practical results.

(二) Strengthen cooperation and promote overall planning. All departments should strengthen the deployment of their own departments to carry out the activities of creating safe consumption, formulate specific implementation plans, determine the contents and standards of creation, clarify the work steps and priorities of each stage, and steadily promote the activities of creating safe consumption. The district government will incorporate the creation of assured consumption into the overall plan for regional economic and social development, coordinate and promote it as a whole. All departments should step up joint law enforcement efforts, extensively explore the sources of cases, achieve accurate strikes, severely punish all kinds of consumer infringement cases, and promptly transfer cases suspected of crimes to judicial organs according to law.

(三) Extensive publicity to create an atmosphere. All departments should strengthen the publicity and guidance of the creation of assured consumption activities, make full use of various media such as the Internet, TV, newspapers, WeChat and microblogs to carry out publicity and launch in various forms, angles and levels, promote the creation of assured consumption publicity and education into shopping malls, supermarkets, markets, enterprises and scenic spots, and continuously improve the awareness and influence of the creation of assured consumption activities, so that the concept of assured consumption can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and form a good atmosphere for the whole society to care about, support and participate in the creation activities. It is necessary to give play to the role of public opinion and social supervision, and timely expose major and typical cases of consumer infringement.


Dalian Lyushunkou District People's Government Office

September 6, 2018