Opinions of Lyushunkou District on Promoting the Establishment of Safe Consumption and Creating a Safe and Reassuring Consumer Environment (一)

Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, various park management committees, various street offices, district government departments, and relevant units:

In order to further serve and improve the people's livelihood, optimize the consumption environment in the region, improve the atmosphere for the whole society to jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, release the consumption potential, give full play to the basic role of consumption in economic development, better meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development in the region, the following implementation opinions are put forward according to the deployment and requirements of the municipal government for carrying out the activities of creating safe consumption.


一. Guiding ideology

The Opinions thoroughly implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adheres to the people-centered concept of consumer rights protection, and conscientiously implements the "13th Five-Year Plan for Market Supervision of the State Council", and takes " five guarantees" of quality assurance, safety assurance, price assurance, service assurance and rights protection as the standard to carry out activities to create safe consumption throughout the region, improve the consumption environment, ensure consumption safety, promote consumption upgrading, and actively promote the economic and social development of this region to achieve higher quality, more efficiency, more fairness and more sustainable development.


二. Basic principles

(一) Adhere to the supremacy of consumers. It is necessary to take the consumer satisfaction as the starting point and objective. Taking the creation activity as the carrier, combined with the evaluation of urban consumer satisfaction, it is possible to identify the problems that restrict the improvement of consumption environment, make up for the " short board" in the consumption field, take effective measures to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, continuously improve consumer satisfaction, and enhance the people's sense of acquisition, happiness and security in the consumption field.

(二) Strengthen the operator's responsibility. According to the principle of “who produces is responsible, who sells is responsible and who serves is responsible", the operator is the main responsibility of the first responsible person for product quality, service quality and consumer rights protection. It is necessary to establish a sound and trustworthy incentive mechanism and a disciplinary mechanism for dishonesty, and guide operators to actively participate in the creation of safe consumption, and strive to be a model of quality service and integrity management.

(三) Adhere to reform and innovation. It is demanded to persist in promoting the protection of consumer rights and interests through reform and innovation. Efforts should be taken to further clarify consumer rights protection responsibilities, improve rights protection mechanisms, innovate rights protection methods, unblock rights protection channels, improve rights protection efficiency and strengthen risk control, and strive to improve the institutionalization, standardization, procedure and rule of law of consumer rights protection.

(四) Promote social governance. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is the common responsibility of the whole society. It is necessary to adhere to the government guidance as the leading factor, all departments and industries working jointly, and all social forces participating extensively in the creation of assured consumption. In this way, it is possible to accelerate the construction of a coordinated co-governance consumer rights protection system featuring government guidance, departmental interaction, self-discipline of operators and industries, mass participation and social supervision.


三. Job Objectives

(一) Overall goals

In a step-by-step manner, and with creation activities of rest assured consumption, it strives to create a safe and secure consumption environment and achieve the following goals by 2020:

The creation activities of rest assured consumption cover all industries and regions. It is necessary to actively exert subjective initiative, enrich the creation of carriers, expand the connotation of creation, and in-depth promote the creation activities of enterprises, industries, regions, etc., and strive to cultivate and create a number of safe consumption demonstration units in various industries, fields and regions where consumption is concentrated, so that the whole region can reach the standard of consumption demonstration zones.

Managers' sense of honesty and self-discipline should be further strengthened. The demonstration unit of assured consumption will generally establish and implement self-discipline systems such as operator first asking, compensation first paying, purchase inspection, and return without reason. Market operators should further improve technology, optimize services, improve the quality of the supply system and push forward the level of consumer rights protection.

The quality of consumer goods and services will be significantly improved. Production of key consumer goods quality sampling pass rate will reach more than 96%, the consumer satisfaction of life services will reach more than 80%. The circulation sector will focus on spot checks on commodities with high social concern and concentrated consumer complaints, and the detection rate of problematic commodities will decrease year by year. The annual sampling number of food will be more than 2 copies per thousand people, and the passing rate of sampling will reach more than 97 %.

Consumer dispute resolution will be more convenient and efficient. The demonstration unit of assured consumption will generally set up 12315 consumer rights service station. The region will set up an efficient dispute resolution pattern featuring convenient access to appeals, coverage of urban and rural areas by rights protection networks, active reconciliation of operators, linkage of departments and coordination of lawsuits and transfers, with a consumer complaint handling rate of 100 %, a resolution rate of more than 90 % and a comprehensive satisfaction rate of more than 80 %.

The problem of focusing on consumption will be effectively solved. Through the integration of regulatory resources, a market regulatory cooperation mechanism with clear division of labor and close cooperation among various departments will be formed. The combination of source control, strike and prevention, simultaneous dredging and blocking, and multi-pronged efforts to promote the regulation of the consumer market have achieved more obvious results, and the systematic, industrial and new types of consumer infringement that are generally concerned by the society and reflected by consumers have been effectively managed and standardized.

(二) Creating standards

1. The establishment standard of demonstration unit of assured consumption. With the " Five Guarantees" as the standard, efforts should be taken to guide market operators, industry organizations and street (scenic) district management agencies to actively participate in activities, and foster and create a number of consumer demonstration stores, demonstration industries and demonstration blocks ( scenic spots and business circles ) with good results in safeguarding rights and high consumer acceptance.

--The quality of consumption should be assured. Operators should strengthen the awareness of quality responsibility, actively cooperate with the quality supervision and inspection of regulatory authorities, establish and improve the quality management system, and consciously establish and strictly implement commodity quality management systems such as product quality commitment, purchase inspection and acceptance, demand for certificates and tickets, purchase and sale ledger, delisting of substandard commodities, warning and recall of defective products, so as to ensure reliable commodity quality, traceability of purchase sources and timely and effective disposal of quality emergency incidents.

--The safety of consumption should be assured. Operators must firmly establish safety awareness, earnestly implement consumer safety responsibilities, strictly enforce safety standards and requirements in consumer places, facilities and equipment, and environmental order, timely investigate potential safety hazards, so as to ensure safe operation and maintenance of consumer places and facilities and equipment, ensure specific security measures, and properly handle emergencies, effectively protect consumers' personal and property safety and prevent major consumer safety accidents.

-- The price of consumption should be assured. It is necessary to strictly implement statutory price measures such as government pricing, guidance prices, price interventions, and price emergency measures, and formulate prices for goods and services that implement market-adjusted prices in accordance with the principles of fairness, legality, and good faith, so that goods and services are clearly marked, and the goods are marked. It is not allowed to sell goods or provide services at a price increase in addition to the price. There are no price violations in the industry, such as price manipulation, price monopoly, price gouging and price fraud.

-- The service of consumption should be at ease. Business behavior should be standardized, without false propaganda, shoddy, adulterated and short-lived consumer fraud, and without serious dishonesty and illegal records. Relevant information on goods and services should be open, transparent and accurate, and service promises should be made public and fulfilled, purchase vouchers or service documents should be issued to consumers on their own initiative, and obligations such as repair, rework, replacement, return of goods, replenishment of the quantity of goods, refund of payment for goods or services, and compensation for losses should be consciously fulfilled.

-- Consumer rights protection should be assured. Operators or industry organizations should consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, earnestly implement the system of first asking and responsibility of operators, and actively establish a system of paying compensation in advance and returning goods without any reason. The reconciliation mechanism of consumer complaints should be put in place, 12315 consumer rights protection service stations should be established, and a special person should be assigned to handle consumer complaints. The handling rate of consumer complaints will reach 100 % and the reconciliation rate will reach more than 90 %, striving to prevent consumer disputes from going out of shops and streets.

2. The establishment standard of demonstration area of assured consumption. The demonstration area should play the leading role of the government, promote the establishment of safe consumption in the area in accordance with the " Five Guarantees" standard, and promote the institutionalization and long-term construction of consumer rights protection through the creation activities.

--Attach great importance to the protection of consumers' rights and interests. It is necessary to establish a joint conference system for consumer rights protection and assured consumption, which is led by the government and multi-sectoral participation, to provide support and guarantee for consumer rights protection and creation work, and to form a multi-dimensional co-governance consumer rights protection system.

-- The creation activities of assured consumption should be carried out extensively and deeply. In order to carry out creation activities, t is necessary to establish a leadership organization, formulate the implementation plan, and clarify the division of responsibilities. Through extensive publicity, active mobilization and careful organization, various thematic activities with distinctive features, it is possible to form a consumption creation model that conforms to local conditions and reflects regional characteristics.

-- The guarantee measures for consumer safety should be strong. All market operators, industry authorities and regulatory authorities shall, within the scope of their respective duties, implement the management responsibility system for business and service safety, and establish and improve the emergency response plan for public safety accidents and relevant working mechanisms. It is necessary to strengthen the special management of outstanding problems in the consumption field and the investigation and early warning of regional consumption risks to prevent major public health, quality of goods and services and other accidents.

--Consumer rights protection network and complaint handling mechanism should be improved. Consumer rights organizations should be sound, well-staffed and have safeguards in place. It is necessary to actively carry out national publicity and education on the laws and regulations on consumer rights protection. The consumer rights protection network within the jurisdiction will be fully covered, the complaint channels will be unblocked, the handling of complaints will be active and timely, the handling rate of consumer complaints will reach 100 %, and the comprehensive satisfaction rate will reach more than 90 %.

-- Consumer acceptance of creation activities will become higher. The awareness rate of consumers on the creation activities of assured consumption will reach more than 80 %, and the recognition rate will reach more than 90 %. Creation activities will enable consumers to truly perceive that consumer supply is more abundant and convenient, consumer environment is continuously improved and optimized, and consumer rights protection is convenient and efficient.