The Promotion Meeting of Dalian·Liupanshui Precision Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Was Held in Dalian

On September 12th, the promotion meeting of Dalian·Liupanshui precision poverty alleviation cooperation was held at the Goog Island state guesthouse. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Qu Tianjun, Director of the Social Poverty Alleviation Department of Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, and Wang Zhong, Secretary of the Liupanshui Municipal Committee of Guizhou Province attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Tan Chengxu, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting. At the meeting, the two cities signed the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Poverty Alleviation Cooperation between Dalian City and Liupanshui City (2018 Responsibility List) Agreement".


Tan Zuojun said in his speech that helping Liupanshui is a glorious mission entrusted to Dalian by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and it is also the bounden political responsibility. Dalian will thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech spirit on poverty alleviation and cooperation between West China and East China, take doing a good job in counterpart assistance as a concrete action to build up " four consciousness" and firmly " two maintenance", and push poverty alleviation and cooperation to a new level. In accordance with the objectives and tasks defined in the " List of Key Tasks and Projects for Poverty Alleviation and Cooperation between West China and East China of Dalian in 2018", Dalian will carry out its responsibilities and continue to exert every effort to achieve more accurate capital project investment, more accurate social assistance, and more accurate industrial collaboration. At the same time, according to the requirements of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, it will improve the " Assessment Methods for Poverty Alleviation and Cooperation between West China and East China of Dalian" and take the districts, cities and counties (leading districts) and municipal departments undertaking specific tasks in the assessment of counterpart assistance work and the performance assessment of the municipal government to ensure the completion of various assistance tasks. It is necessary to strengthen the precision docking and cooperation, implement communication and connection mechanisms such as high-level joint meetings, monthly dispatching meetings, collaboration seminars and visits to learn about the situation, and target policy implementation so as to firmly win the battle against poverty in Liupanshui City with precision in terms of concretization, refinement and concretization of docking.


In his speech, Qu Tianjun affirmed Dalian's counterpart in helping Liupanshui City. Qu Tianjun introduced the decisive progress made in China's poverty alleviation and the gratifying achievements made in the overall acceleration of poverty alleviation cooperation between West China and East China. He said that since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has been forward-looking, raising poverty alleviation and development to a new level of governance, and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made clear requirements for resolutely winning the battle against poverty. Dalian City and Liupanshui City should conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, further raise awareness and unify thinking, continue to increase efforts around winning the battle against poverty, and make accurate efforts to document the poor and carry out work creatively.


It is necessary to accurately plan and promote a number of industrial projects that meet local needs with precision, strengthen labor cooperation, personnel support, education and medical assistance, and help the poor with sales, so as to ensure that poverty alleviation tasks are fully completed on schedule. Focus should be paid on the implementation of work. It should refine various measures, establish work ledgers, follow up and inspect the progress of the implementation of various cooperation agreements, study and solve practical problems in a timely manner, mobilize all sectors of society to actively participate in the work and push the counterpart poverty alleviation cooperation to a new level.


On behalf of the Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the 3.4 million people of the whole city, Wang Zhong expressed his gratitude to the Dalian Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and and all sectors of society for their selfless support and assistance over the past 22 years. He said that successive Dalian Municipal Party Committees and Municipal Governments actively implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and attached great importance to counterpart support work. Especially since this year, further efforts were made to strengthen the focus, and the assistance measures were more powerful and helpful. The effectiveness of the support was more obvious, which fully reflected the "central requirements, the needs of Liupanshui, and Dalian's ability", and made a major breakthrough in promoting the poverty alleviation in Liupanshui City. In the future, Liupanshui City will work with Dalian City to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West, implement the consensus and various cooperation agreements reached between the two provinces and cities, strengthen normal exchanges, and actively cooperate. It will give full play to the advantages of the two cities, and promote each other to achieve more practical results in the fields of industrial cooperation, agricultural project cooperation, agricultural product sales, high-tech park construction, personnel training, scientific and educational health support, labor assistance and precision poverty alleviation, and firmly win the hard battle of poverty alleviation.


Xiong Boli, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Committee and Secretary General, attended the meeting. Jin Guowei, deputy mayor of Dalian, and Wang Chenggang, deputy mayor of Liupanshui, reported the progress of poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West of two cities. Leaders of Liupanshui City like Wei Xiongjun, Zhang Zhixiang, Zheng Jianguo, Hou Meichuan, Che Min and the responsible comrades of the two cities attended the meeting.


The signing ceremonies were also held. Dalian Ecological Science and Technology Innovation City, Huayuankou Economic Zone and Changxing Island Economic Zone respectively signed agreements with Liupanshui City's three economic development zones to build parks jointly. Dalian Commodity Exchange signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Liupanshui Municipal Government, Dalian Huanjia Group signed a cooperation framework agreement with Liuzhi Special Zone on the recycling of renewable resources, Dalian Hanwei Group signed a cooperation agreement with Panzhou City on the laying hen breeding project, Dalian Jiuli Investment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongshan District on the project of China's Liangdulechuan Town, Jin Lifang Group and Zhongshan Economic Development Zone signed a project agreement to build a financial industrial park, Dalian Guoyi Fresh Food Chain Supermarket signed a cooperation agreement with Liupanshui Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. to set up a Liupanshui special agricultural product sales zone, Dalian Qixing Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. and Shuicheng County Hongxing Green Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd. signed the Shuicheng Red Kiwifruit Distribution Cooperation Agreement,  Dalian Medical University and Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College signed the Framework Agreement to Build Liupanshui Medical College, Liaoning Normal University and Liupanshui Preschool Teachers College signed the Framework Agreement to help improve the quality of Preschool Teachers College.