Tan Chengxu: Strengthen Confidence and Work Hard to Build a Beautiful Island

From September 11th to 12th, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor of the city, went to Changhai county, the contract place for the county's economic development. He went into the island to inspect the project and went into the enterprise to observe the people's livelihood. He conducted a research on thoroughly implementing Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, doing a good job in deep-featured industries, improving the level of people's livelihood security and improving the quality of county's economic development.


In September, the Changshan Islands are surrounded by blue waves, green trees and green mountains. Tan Chengxu successively came to Ocean Island, Dachangshan Island and Guanglu Island to observe the traditional fishery transformation and upgrading projects such as deep-water bottoming of scallops, marine breeding, and aquatic product finishing. He visited the warm-house project, the LNG gasification station, the county hospital expansion project site and the citizen fitness center to conduct on-the-spot investigation of the progress of the people's livelihood project.


At the Lisa International Hotel in Yinniuwan Tourism Area and the folk-custom holiday zone in Guanglu Island, Tan Chengxu inquired in detail about the construction of tourism facilities and the development of tourism products, and put forward specific requirements on building an island resort brand and promoting the development of island tourism.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu made a special trip to the Xibang Village of Ocean Island listen to the report on the implementation of the Party's main responsibility of fully and strictly governing the Party by the village party headquarters. He required to further tighten the Party's main responsibility of fully and strictly governing the Party and continuously improve the creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity of grass-roots Party organizations to transform the Party's political and organizational advantages into development advantages. Tan Chengxu also inspected the Land-sea Security Control Platform in Changhai County, investigated the construction of beautiful countryside in Zhenchengling Village of Dachangshan Island and the water diversion project across the sea in the county, and visited the troops stationed on the island.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu presided over a symposium, listening to Changhai County's work report and holding in-depth discussions on issues such as wharf construction and operation, seawater desalination, power facilities construction, and training of professional and technical personnel. He stressed that the relevant departments have to conduct in-depth investigation to clarify the thinking, responsibilities, measures and time limit for solving the problem. Tan Chengxu emphasized that the most advantageous resource in Changhai County is the sea, and the most beautiful dream is also in the sea. It is necessary to do a good job with the sea. The cadres and masses in the county should arm their minds with Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, practice the new development concept, strengthen confidence and work hard to accelerate the development of county economy. On the premise of effectively protecting the ecological environment, it is demanded to speed up the introduction of the project and the construction of the project, and make every effort to promote the construction of marine pastures and international summer resorts. Efforts should be taken to the protection of the ecological environment, do a solid job in ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and do a good job in the special anti-crime fight. It is necessary to persist in promoting the deep integration of Party building and the key work, embed Party building into all aspects of economic and social development, and build Changhai County into a rich, civilized, harmonious and beautiful island with friendly ecological environment, high-end industrial structure and people living and working in peace and contentment.