Dalian Tuberculosis Hospital actively participated in the large-scale free clinic series in autumn

On September 6, a large-scale free clinic organized by Dalian Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission opened in Xinghai Square in autumn. Dalian Tuberculosis Hospital, as the only municipal specialized hospital in the city that integrates TB prevention and treatment, has responded positively and given full play to the hospital's public welfare by organizing a team of experts composed of chief doctors to serve people in Xinghai Square.


Early in the morning, the staff attending the free clinic came to the scene early and carried out the free clinic security work in a tense and orderly manner. They set up tents, set tables and chairs, hang banners, and dressed them neatly to meet the citizens who will come to consult. Soon, several consultants gathered at the consultation desk. An old man came prepared to show Director Song Xiaodong the CT chest films taken in other hospitals in recent years. After carefully reading it, Director Song asked him about his recent symptoms and suggested that he should seek further medical treatment and the patient was very satisfied. The consultants came one after another and left happily, all of them were grateful. Although it was already autumn, the hot weather at noon also made the experts sweaty. 


Through professional and detailed explanation, experts have made the small diagnosis table on the spot an effective platform for serving the people and promoting communication. They answered questions about TB incidence, treatment, care and respiratory diseases for the people on the spot, and held consultations for some cases. At the same time, they publicized emergency self-rescue and mutual rescue knowledge on the spot, explaining and demonstrating emergency knowledge and operation techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the citizens. 


Since 2014, the free clinic in this city's large square has been held for 5 years. During this year's free clinic activity week, Dalian Tuberculosis Hospital will also carry out activities such as community health lecture halls and expert free clinics, and also send experts to the counterpart aid units at the grass-roots level to carry out free clinic activities. 


This free clinic campaign, based on the actual situation, went deep into the masses to publicize the city's tuberculosis prevention and treatment policy and emergency self-help and mutual aid knowledge, so as to further improve the public's awareness rate of tuberculosis prevention and treatment knowledge and emergency self-help and mutual aid ability. Through free diagnosis and health promotion activities, a new healthy and positive image of TB prevention and treatment medical workers has been established.