Dalian's first agricultural industrialization consortium was founded

On September 4th, the city's modern agricultural development took another solid step forward. Dalian's first agricultural industrialization consortium, Dalian's Xinfeng peanut industrialization consortium, was founded in Lishugou Village, Sanshilipu Street, Jinpu New District. According to reports, with learning from each other, the consortium will become a new starting point for promoting the revitalization of rural industries in the city, as well as a new way to promote the integration and development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries.


Dalian Xinfeng International Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise mainly engaged in peanut processing and export. In order to obtain high-quality and guaranteed peanut raw materials, reduce costs, and increase the market share and competitiveness of real estate peanuts, with the guidance of the Municipal Agricultural Commission, the company established the Dalian Xinfeng peanut industrialization association in conjunction with 8 co-ops such as Jinpu New District Lishugou co - operative and Dalian mupantengtun land stock agricultural co-operative, a family farm and three service-oriented enterprises such as Dalian Ideal Food Technology Co., Ltd. The members of the consortium took the division of labor and assistance as the premise, relied on the scale of operation, and took the interest connection as the link, making it better to solve the situation that all the operators in the industrial chain fought alone. Members learn from each other's strong points, complement each other's strengths and develop together. Leading enterprises can't do well to family farms, such as production links. If the family farm is not cost - effective, it will be handed over to cooperatives, such as agricultural production service links. What neither the family farm nor the cooperative can do is entrusted to the leading enterprises, such as peanut product intensive processing, brand building, market development, etc. This organizational model of " company + farmer cooperative + family farm" allows all kinds of new agricultural subjects to give full play to their advantages, promotes the cooperative, family farm and enterprise management to develop in coordination, and forms a benefit community and a destiny community with shared interests and risks.


In order to promote the development of agricultural industrialization consortia, the Municipal Agricultural Commission, together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other six departments, jointly issued the " Implementation Opinions on Promoting Agricultural Industrialization Consortium", proposing that by 2020, all kinds of agricultural industrialization consortia in the city will strive to reach 25, and the industrialization consortia will become the backbone force leading the development of agricultural modernization in the city.