The expert group from Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to Guizhou Province entered Liupanshui to carry out their work

In order to implement the "Dalian City Health and Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Implementation Plan (2018-2020) for Liupanshui City ", combined with Dalian Health Planning Commission's 2018 work plan to help Liupanshui, and to further improve the level of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment in recipient areas and units, a team of five experts led by Li Ge , the Vice President of the hospital, went to the Liupanshui area of Guizhou to carry out assistance work.


The expert team arrived at Panzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the counterpart support unit, after an 8-hour flight and a more than 2-hour drive. Accompanied by the leaders of the other hospital, the team visited the new and old hospital sites and visited various clinical departments to understand the specific development of hospitals and specialties. After the visit, the leaders of the hospital held cordial talks, discussed hospital development and specialty construction, and reached a consensus on future personnel training and further cooperation between the two parties. Afterwards, Dean Li Ge carried out a lecture on the general situation of TCM treatment of oncological diseases. The director of Quality Control Department Liu Shuang and the director of the nursing department Shen Tong, gave special guidance to the evaluation of the graded hospitals that the aided units were about to greet. Director Liu Bo of the Department of Encephalopathy, Director Zhang Dawei of the Rehabilitation Department went to the ward, conducted a specialist guidance rounds, and gave lectures in the department.


According to the Dalian Municipal Health Planning Commission's assistance plan, the hospital undertook the promotion of appropriate Chinese medicine technology in Liupanshui area this year. On August 29, a training meeting on traditional Chinese medicine knowledge was held in Liupanshui Second People's Hospital with the theme of " Dalian Medical and Health Assistance Guizhou Team's Summer and Autumn Visit into Liupanshui and Grass - roots Appropriate Technology Promotion Meeting". Liu Bo, director of the Department of Encephalopathy, gave lectures on " Identification and Treatment of Dysphagia after Stroke" and " Eye Acupuncture Treatment Technology" as well as " Dalian Intangible Cultural Heritage - Stitch Rubbing" by Zhang Dawei, director of the Department of Rehabilitation. More than 300 key medical staff from township hospitals and hospitals above level 2 in Liupanshui participated in the training. During the training, the trainees listened to the lectures and recorded carefully and said in succession that they had gained a new understanding of traditional medicine through this training, and the training content was especially suitable for grass-roots hospitals to carry out.


After a few days of hard work, everyone hopes that the management and medical level of the recipient unit will be improved. While carrying out the work, the team of experts also felt the driving force for the vigorous development of Liupanshui region, and the medical staff of the recipient unit worked actively and diligently to make progress, hoping that the two sides could learn from each other and make common progress in the future and contribute their respective strength to the development of Chinese medicine in both places.