Tan Chengxu visited the soon-to-be retired armed police soldiers

Tan Chengxu visited the soon-to-be retired armed police soldiers


A few days ago, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the mayor of the city, cordially visited the soldiers who are about to resign from the armed police squadron of the armed police stationed in the city. He took photos with them and said goodbye to each other, wishing them greater success in their new posts and new achievements for the economic and social development of the motherland and local areas. Tan Chengxu said that Dalian is a place where everyone has worked, lived and contributed. It will always be their home and welcome them anytime.


The young faces are full of vigor and vitality, and they are fully inspired by ardent expectations. In front of the municipal government office building, armed police soldiers who are about to be discharged are wearing large red flowers on their chests and lined up in good order. Tan Chengxu came among the soldiers to shake hands with them and, on behalf of all the cadres and workers of the municipal government and its organs, expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect for their contribution to ensuring the safety and normal operation of the municipal government organs and expressed greetings and respects to the soldiers of the armed police who will soon be discharged in the whole the city.


Tan Chengxu affectionately said to the armed police soldiers who are about to leave the army that over the past few years, everyone has persevered in hard training, hard study, earnestly performing their mission and sticking to their posts, and has successfully completed various security tasks on duty, fully demonstrating the good mental outlook of a new generation of revolutionary soldiers with soul, skill, courage and character. The army is a melting pot, and the military camp is a big school. Here, everyone has undergone exercise and test, from plain recruits to excellent soldiers. This wonderful military career is a valuable asset, the foundation for benefiting the whole life, the way to be a man, and the foundation of success.


Tan Chengxu said that everyone will soon be discharged with honor and embark on a new journey. He hopes that all comrades will continue to carry forward the fine traditions, and can exert rich knowledge, steel will, strong character, and excellent style in new jobs, actively innovate in entrepreneurship, be brave in making efforts, and make new contributions to the development of hometown and the prosperity of the motherland.


Tan Chengxu wishes the veterans all the best on their way home. and conveyed the Dalian government's gratitude and greetings to their parents and family members. He hoped that the veterans would always care about Dalian, support Dalian, publicize Dalian and cheer for the development of " the second hometown".


The Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Yi Qingtao, attended the visit.