Tan Chengxu: Reward entrepreneurs' enthusiasm for investing in Dalian with integrity and hard work

Yesterday, the 2018 China Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit and a series of activities were held, causing many private entrepreneurs to turn their attention to Dalian again. BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinlicheng Real Estate Group and other enterprises signed 16 investment cooperation agreements with Dalian. Some private enterprise executives took this opportunity to have an in-depth exchange with Mayor Tan Chengxu to explore ways to deepen cooperation. Tan Chengxu had a cordial conversation with old and new friends, briefed them on the latest economic and social development in Dalian and talked about the prospects for cooperation and development.


Guangzhou R&F Properties Group invested in the construction of Xiaoyaowan Chuangzhi Industrial Park project in the city and signed a framework cooperation agreement with Lyushunkou District Government to build a healthy investment project with a total investment of 13 billion yuan. Li Silian, chairman of the group, told Tan Chengxu that in the process of project negotiation and construction, the vigorous work style and honest and trustworthy thinking style of the governments at all levels in Dalian are impressive. The group will introduce Dalian to more domestic and foreign partners, so that they can make great achievements in this city that is suitable for both commerce and dwelling.


On the list of the top 20 China private enterprises released yesterday, Amer International Group ranked third with its strong strength. Wang Wenyin, chairman of the group's board of directors, said in a meeting with Tan Chengxu that the better the business environment is, the stronger the vitality of private enterprises could be. He said that Dalian is accelerating the transformation of government functions, standardizing the operation of administrative power, improving the social credit system, and constantly improving the sense of policy acquisition, investment security and convenience. Dalian has become a focus of private entrepreneurs' attention and attraction. He said that the team will be organized as soon as possible to visit Dalian, and the investment in the construction of semiconductor and offshore engineering projects will be specifically linked to relevant departments.


The Transfer Group is present in chemical, logistics, agriculture, technology city, investment and other fields. it is currently planning the Dalian Transfer Traffic & Transportation to build an Urban Logistic Center. Xu Guanju, chairman of the group, said in a meeting with Tan Chengxu that the group is interested in Dalian's location advantages, development potential and pragmatic style of the government. They will tailor the logistics format according to the regional, transportation and industrial characteristics of the city. The project is well-planned, well-constructed and well-operated.


Tan Chengxu thanked private entrepreneurs for their favor in Dalian, saying that Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government take these projects as the source of economic development and enterprises as the foundation of economic development. Dalian will adhere to the "contract spirit", and keeps its promise to fulfill its duties to help solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project's progress, wholeheartedly provide high-quality services for the project construction and enterprise development, and repay entrepreneurs' enthusiasm for investing in Dalian with integrity and hard work.


Vice Mayor Jin Guowei attended the event.