Tan Chengxu presided over the municipal government executive meeting to redeploy and strengthen the city's safety production

Yesterday, the municipal government held a standing meeting to deeply learn the lessons of the "8·25" major fire accident in Harbin, re-deploy the city's safety production work. The meeting also supplemented and improved the "Dalian City People's Government to implement the Party's 19th National Spirit Implementation Plan”. Mayor Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. The leaders of the municipal government Lu Lin, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei, the director of the Changxing Island Economic Zone Management Committee Yang Guangzhi, and the Secretary-General of the municipal government, Yi Qingtao, attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu pointed out that governments at all levels should thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thinking on safe production, and take a highly responsible attitude toward the Party and the people. They must always tighten the string of safety production and resolutely do a good job in safety production to ensure that people's lives and property are safe. It is necessary to earnestly learn the lessons of the "8·25" major fire accidents in Harbin. Everyone should strengthen the awareness of the red line, build a safe bottom line, resolutely overcome the lofty thoughts, strengthen the analysis and study of the security situation, and strictly urge enterprises to put the responsibility of safety production into place. t is necessary to intensify the inspection of fire safety in important places, comprehensively investigate and rectify potential safety hazards, conscientiously organize and carry out large-scale investigations on fire hazards, initiate large-scale inspections of safe production in crowded places, and pay close attention to the implementation of the "four mechanisms" for safe production. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of emergency fire-fighting facilities, and do a good job in the emergency production team and the fire-fighting units to ensure the safety of life and property of the people.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that the implementation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress is the primary political task of the current and future period. All regions and departments should take the "Implementation Plan" as an important starting point for continuous and in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, and consciously put Dalian's work into the overall work of the Party and the state. It is necessary to do a solid job in the rectification and implementation of the feedback from the central inspection tour to promote the sustained and healthy development of the city's economy and society with the actual results of the rectification and implementation.


The meeting reviewed and approved the "Dalian City Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination Management Regulations (Trial)". In response, Tan Chengxu emphasized that strengthening the whole process of vaccine circulation and vaccination and supervision of all links is related to the people's life safety and physical health. All regions and relevant departments must strictly implement the requirements of the "Regulations", strengthen responsibility, pay close attention to supervision and management, and implement leadership responsibilities, so that supervision cannot be loose at any time, links cannot be leaked, standards cannot be lowered, law enforcement cannot be soft, and practical actions can be taken to protect the public's medication safety.


At the meeting, everyone listened to the report on the audit and rectification of the assistance funds provided by Dalian to assist Liupanshui city. The meeting deployed efforts to deepen the reform of the park and eliminate backward production capacity. The reviewed and approved the “Implementation Opinions on Urban Fine Management in Dalian”, “Development Work Plan for Dalian Sponge City Construction 2018-2020”, “Development Plan for Dalian Technology Transfer System Construction”, " Implementation Plan of Dalian City on Deepening" Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Industrial Internet”, “Quality Award Management Measures for Dalian Mayor” and other issues, and studied other matters.