The 19th China International Beer Festival Expo and 2018 Dalian International Consumer Brand Expo kicked off

The 19th China International Beer Festival Expo and 2018 Dalian International Consumer Brand Expo kicked off.


Yesterday, the 19th China International Beer Festival Expo and the 2018 Dalian International Consumer Brand Expo opened in the Expo Plaza. Tao Xiaonian, vice Chairman of the China National Light Industry Association, Mayor Tan Chengxu, Vice Mayor Luo Dongsheng, and the Secretary General of the Municipal Government Yi Qingtao, and Berry, special envoy of the mayor of Munich, Germany, attended the opening ceremony and opened the large beer keg located in the center of the rostrum with the warm countdown of the whole stadium. The leaders and guests visited the 2018 Dalian International Consumer Brand Expo Exhibition Hall.


Under the theme of " Passionate Dalian ·Quality Life”, this beer festival Expo is jointly hosted by China National Light Industry Council and the municipal government. China Light Industry International Exchange Center, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Light Industry Branch, China Food Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and Xinghai Bay Development and Construction Management Center are jointly hosted. There are eight thematic activities in three major categories, including 2018 Dalian International Consumer Brand Expo, Sino-German trade exchange activities, domestic business enterprise negotiation activities, beer industry culture exhibition, photography competition, competition for drinks and selection activities for the best drinkers. There are more than 400 kinds of beer groups in total.


The summer Xinghai Bay is full of passion, the new beer awnings on the Xinghai Square and the beer block wooden houses are colorful and beautiful. The waterscape avenue decorated with giant beer bottles creates a rich festive atmosphere. Tan Chengxu and other guests came to the Munich beer canopy, which was about to open the door to receive guests, to inspect the fire protection, personnel counseling, food and environmental sanitation and other aspects on the spot. They visited and expressed their condolences to the police officers and firefighters who were on the frontline. They asked everyone to do a good job in fire safety inspection in key places, strictly implement safety precautions in crowded places, strengthen traffic order management, and ensure that the beer festival exposition was safe, orderly, complete and wonderful. Tan Chengxu also came to the scene of the economic and trade fair to have a cordial talk with domestic and foreign businessmen. He hoped that through this activity, everyone can further deepen their understanding of the city and seek more opportunities for win-win cooperation.