Heart-Warming Activity—Dalian Central Hospital Party Members Provided Volunteer Service for Changhai County

Since 2013, Changhai county has been listed as a target of assistance of Dalian central hospital, it continued to strengthen the counterpart support. In order to complete the publicity campaign of “Health Emergency Education, Health Education in Community and World Family Day”, the Party members from Dalian central hospital volunteered to provide service for island residence from June 29 to July 1. Qi Zhiming, vice president of Dalian central hospital, led 11 people to organize expert group to carry out gratuitous treatment for residence in Dachangshan island and oceanic island. The expert group contains experts from departments of cardiology, urinary surgery, urinary tract of internal medicine, orthopedics, proctology, thoracic surgery, general surgery and nurse. In line with the principle of serving for the people, the experts earnestly played the exemplary and vanguard roles as Party members to send city-level medical service to residence in island, so as to provide health guidance for residence and actually solve the difficulty to receive medical treatment.

Combined with experience in various former large-scale gratuitous treatments, experts made planning in accordance with local conditions and requirements to implement gratuitous treatment with emphasis and pertinence. In three days, it has diagnosed 350 people and gave guidance on aspects of core nursing system, nursing assessment list, nursing record, safety warning labels, remaining needle treatment and disinfection and isolation. On the condition that certain patients needed further treatment, the experts would give contact information without any hesitation, so as to bring warm and care to island residence. 

As for this gratuitous treatment, Changhai county people’s hospital and Ocean center health center have made extensive publicity through Wechat platform, LED screen and banner, so as to let island residence timely acquire the gratuitous treatment information to gain treatment.

The Party member is not only a title but also a symbol of responsibility. “One Party member is one flag”. The Party members volunteer service group in Dalian central hospital have set good example for serving people, contributing to society and fulfilling responsibility. They are willing to contribute their own efforts to the things that are benefit for society and spirit.