Hospital Alliance was Established in Dalian Central Hospital

On July 26, 2018, the hospital alliance was officially signed to establish in Dalian central hospital teaching building Ming Tak Tong conference room. Ma Quanying, deputy secretary of Dalian Health and Family Planning Commission, together with Wangfan, director of Dalian central hospital, Yuhua, director of Dalian maternal and child care service centre, Cuizhenze, director of Dalian children’s hospital, Chen Xiaodong, director of Dalian stomatological hospital, Zhang Youmin, director of Dalian traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Qugang, director of Dalian dermatology hospital, Lin Hailong, vice director of Dalian central hospital, and leaders of relevant offices attended the founding ceremony.

Taking the largest Dalian general hospital, central hospital, as a lead, it aimed to integrate five large-scale specialized hospital horizontally to form a hospital alliance, so as to realize the hospital resource sharing, mutual benefit and reciprocity, joint construction and common development. Among these hospitals, each one has its own specialized subject and advanced technology. Therefore, this “integrated and specialized alliance” mode will maximally advance discipline construction among hospitals and complement each other's advantages to realize rapid development. The alliance members could implement deep cooperation in system construction, medical technology, talent cultivation, scientific research cooperation and management and actively advance the integration of subject resources in alliance, so as to forge more specific key subject and construction project with higher comprehensive technology level. Besides, the exchanged advanced medical resources in alliance could also fuel the common construction of national key subject and project.

Ma Quanying, deputy secretary of Dalian Health and Family Planning Commission, stressed that the establishment of hospital alliance has innovated the mode of city medical group and broke the inherent vertical integration with new horizontal one among medical institutions. The hospital alliance cooperation agreement signed jointly by Dalian central hospital and other specialized hospitals was an effective exploration and attempt for medical coordinated development, which accelerated the comprehensive improvement of Dalian medical health level and fuel new power for development of municipal health protection. It has far-reaching significance for well-being of mass people in Dalian and even northeast region.

The most outstanding characteristic of the establishment of Dalian hospital alliance was to benefit mass people. It will set up green channel for transfer treatment among alliance members for free of transfer charge, so as to improve diagnosis and treat coordinated capability in alliance. It shall jointly establish foreign and domestic exchange and cooperation relations to share development achievements and efficiently advance international and domestic medical resource sharing, so as to form efficient, fair and beneficial medical service mode in low-consumption to bring benefit mass people. It will greatly improve people’s feeling on medical treatment.

The hospital alliance will fully play its advantages to develop several subjects with certain domestic influence and forge a research-based hospital. It will strive to set up national medical center to provide higher-level and more satisfied health service for mass people to enhance their sense of gain. It will make unremitting endeavor jointly to realize “Health Dalian” construction and advance the development of health China.