Department of Gastroenterology of Dalian Friendship Hospital Conducted an Academic Exchange on Endoscope

After the Endoscopy Center of Dalian Friendship Hospital moved into the new site, the Department of Gastroenterology actively carried out academic exchanges with experts of the superior hospital with the opportunity of improving the hardware facilities.


In mid-June, Professor Jin Peng, from the Department of Gastroenterology of Beijing Army General Hospital, and Professor Lu Zhongsheng from the Department of Gastroenterology of the Chinese PLA General Hospital, were invited to Dalian Friendship Hospital for academic lectures and operational demonstrations. In the academic lectures, the experts described in detail the endoscopic screening and diagnosis and treatment of early digestive tract cancer from the theoretical level. In the operation demonstration section, everyone learned the application of NBI and magnifying endoscopy in the diagnosis of lesions, the operation skills of ESD treatment, and fully exchanges medical details with experts.


Through exchanges and studies, all medical staff benefited greatly, updated their knowledge of screening and treatment of early digestive tract cancer and precancerous lesions, contributing to improve the rate of early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.