Dalian Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film&TV Conducts Activities of Family Style
According to the request of the Working Committee and Party Committee directly under Government, Dalian Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film&TV conducted an “organ forum” activity on July 18, the theme party day, to carry out family style and education activity. This activity is to learn and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's spirit of "focusing on family, family education and family style & carrying forward the traditional Chinese family virtues,” inherit the excellent family culture, and carry forward the socialist core values.    
Liu Yongming, the special professor of Dalian Municipal Committee Lecturer Group and the former deputy political commissar of the Dalian Naval Academy, was invited to give the lecture, on the theme of "focusing on good family style and promoting the construction of the party style and political style". The follows are vividly interpreted by the lecture:
First, fully realize the importance of building family style.
Second, accurately grasp the content of the construction of family style.
Third, clearly understand the main problems in the construction of family style.
Fourth, party members and cadres should take the lead on building good family style.
Through the lecture, the party committee of government requires the party members and cadres to bear in mind"four consciousnesses," strengthen the "four self-confidences." Moreover , it asks them to promote the fundamental improvement of the social style and the public's style with their excellent party style, and continuously promote the construction of learning party organization.