Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital held a Meeting to Implement the Reform Plan of Public Institutions

On the afternoon of July 12, Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital held a working conference on implementing the reform plan the whole city's public institutions in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the hospital archives building. Zhang Youmin, director of the hospital, delivered a speech at the meeting, conveying the spirit of the municipal meeting, the spirit of the speech of the provincial party committee member and party secretary Tan Zuojun and the spirit of the enlarged meeting of the Party Committee of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee, and the decision of the Dalian Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee on the optimization and integration of the Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the municipal health and family planning capacity building and the continuing education center. More than 60 people including the hospital leadership, middle-level cadres and head nurses attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Zhang Xiaohua, director of the hospital office, conveyed the spirit of the mobilization meeting for the implementation of the reform plan of Dalian's public institutions. Qin Shaojuan, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, conveyed the discipline requirements of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee on strengthening the reform of public institutions.


The meeting requested that the staff and workers of the whole hospital should have a profound understanding of the significance of the reform of public institutions. All workers should be guided to support the reform and actively participate in the reform. The hospital will carry out the reform in phases and steps according to the reform plan of Dalian Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee. It will strengthen public opinion propaganda and gather consensus on reform to create a good environment for the smooth development of reform.


The meeting stressed the need for strict discipline and strengthened supervision. It is important to strictly implement the political discipline, organizational discipline, cadre and personnel discipline, financial discipline, and confidentiality discipline of institutional reform. Everyone must be subordinated to major ones to ensure that organizations, responsibilities and teams are adjusted in place in a timely manner according to requirements and time limits.


The hospital set up an optimization and integration team and held a meeting on the morning of July 13 to further implement the work related to optimization and integration.