Dalian Municipality Held the 24th Committee of the Steering Committee on the Construction of a Spiritual Civilization

On June 27th, the 24th Committee of the Steering Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization was held at the municipal party committee to review and approve the Dalian Municipal Work Plan for the Establishment of a National Civilized City from 2018 to 2020, marking the beginning of a new journey for the establishment of the 6th national civilized city in Dalian. Tan Zuojun, member of Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, and director of the Municipal Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization, attended and delivered a speech. Tan Chengjun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the Mayor and the First Deputy Director of the Municipal Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization, presided over the meeting. Li Pengyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, and Deputy Director of the Municipal Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization, explained the Work Plan.


In his speech, Tan Zuojun affirmed the Dalian’s efforts to promote the construction of a civilized city since last year, and expressed gratitude to its efforts in being honored of a national civilized city for the five consecutive terms. He pointed out that there is no end to the establishment of civilization and the promotion of civilization should always be strengthened. It is necessary to take the new expectation of the general public for a civilized city as the starting point and the supreme goal, Dalian Municipality should take advantage of the situation and set out again to scientifically plan a new round of creation of a nationwide civilized city, and strive to build an upgraded version of a civilized city with Dalian imprint.


Tan Zuojun pointed out that since the party’s 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important expositions on the establishment of a civilized city, which provided a powerful ideological weapon and action guide for the creation of a civilized city in the new era. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the party’s Nineteenth National Congress and the principle of the people-centered development, Dalian should comprehensively benchmark Shanghai and take the orientation of the city to actively build a civilized construction pattern that matches the level of economic and social development, integrates with the urban spirit, conforms to the fundamental interests of the people, and echoes the long-term development goals of the city and to strive to make Dalian a civilized city model that is good in morality, efficient in government affairs, just in the rule of law, honest in the market, prosperous in culture, livable in life, stable in society, and harmonious in ecology.


Tan Zuoji stressed that it is necessary to nurture and practice the core values of socialism and focus on cultivating newcomers who will assume the great task of national rejuvenation. The education of ideals and beliefs should be given top priority, the guiding position of Marxism should be upheld, the publicity and education of the Chinese dream should be carried out in depth, and the basis of belief should be firmly established, to stabilize the foundation of spirit, and correctly guide thoughts. Through the in-depth implementation of the civil morality construction project, the construction of social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality are promoted and the vigorous promotion of the advanced models can lead the public to learn from them. Besides, it is crucial to give full play to the nourishing effect of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. By tapping into the ideas and humanistic spirits contained therein, it is given new ideological connotations and modern expressions. Volunteer service is carried out, the spirit of volunteer service is promoted in the whole society, and a social fashion that promotes goodwill, honesty, and mutual assistance is promoted.


Tan Zuojun stressed that the government should adhere to the people-centered development thought and enhance people’s sense of well-being in the construction of a civilized city. Highlighting the aim of " serving the people, relying on the people and benefiting the people", governments at all levels should do more practical and good things that the masses and the society care about and meet the requirements of the grassroots, so as to ensure the masses can get benefits. Promoting the all-round, all-process and all-weather meticulous urban management and enhancing the "Dalian experience" of comprehensive management of public security make the city more orderly, safer and cleaner, and let citizens feel the warmth of the city in any place. The efforts should be paid to ensure the supply of excellent cultural products, to promote the equalization of basic public cultural services in urban and rural areas. And Through in-depth development of national sports activities, the city's charm will be added with humanistic spirit, and the city's temperament will be built with cultural life.


Tan Zuojun stressed that it is necessary to continuously deepen the activities of civilized construction and consolidate the foundation of the new round of national civilized city construction. The government should stick to the principle of uniting and sharing, create an effective carrier and a powerful starting point, vigorously carry out various forms of spiritual civilization creation activities such as civilized villages and towns, civilized units, civilized families, civilized schools, civilized buildings and courts to cover every corner of the city's urban and rural areas with the requirement of building a national civilized city. It is necessary to vigorously promote reform and innovation and provide inexhaustible motive force for the creation of a new round of civilized cities throughout the country. The new requirements for the development of spiritual civilization by the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee have focused on the key and difficult problems in the construction of a civilized city. By strengthening the innovation of the concept, means, carrier and system of a civilized city, the government, the market, and the society are encouraged to work together deeply rooted in people's hearts and integrate into the city's blood.


Tan Zuojun demanded that the whole city should firmly establish the "one whole" thinking, and form a joint effort to create a city that combines the functions of each company. Party committees and governments at all levels should assume the main responsibility for the construction of spiritual civilization, and the main responsible comrades should personally plan and implement them. The spiritual civilization work guidance committees and their offices at all levels must strengthen top-level design and work guidance, and make overall plans for the use of various resources and strengths. The members of the Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization Work at all levels should clearly define the division and do a good job of cooperation. All news units should play the role of publicity and supervision. Relevant departments should strengthen joint supervision and inspection to promote the implementation of various tasks in construction.


At the meeting, the Municipal Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization Work signed the Work Responsibility of for the Establishment of Dalian into a National Civilized City with each member unit. All the members of the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee attended the meeting.