Forest Fire Prevention in Dalian Achieved the Best “Performance” In the Last 16 Years.

The 2017-2018 Dalian forest fire prevention period was ended on May 31. Through over 8-month preparation and uptight guard, 56 forest police officers, together with 3,000 forest fire fighters and forest rangers, working staffs from county forest prevention and command departments and village primary-level units, finally handed in a satisfied “answer sheet” to mass people with pride.

Learned from municipal forest fire prevention and command office, it only occurred 4 general forest fire accidents including 1 relative large fire accident controlled efficiently in short time during 2017-2018 Dalian forest fire prevention period. Compared with the same period in last year, the fire accident has decreased 56%, fired forest area at 78% and affected forest area at 75.5%. Especially in some important time nodes, it realized zero fire accident,which was the best performance in last 16 years.

A Longest Forest Fire Prevention Period with Heaviest Prevention Tasks

In the second half of 2017, the forest fire prevention period in Dalian started 10 days in advance. Until the end of March in 2018, as the bio-temperature in Dalian was extreme dry, the forest fire danger index always stayed at a high level. Besides, with the successively arrival of Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Tomb-Sweeping Day, the whole city entered the spring forest high fire danger season from February 28, which kept Dalian forest fire prevention staffs busy without any rest.

An Inevitable Victory

Fortunately, it had several timely rainfall in spring, but the fire prevention staffs didn’t “wait and rely on it” passively. Over the years, they always insisted “better Better spinning than desiring the fish near the pool”. The key for this-year “victory” was the measures of deployment and staff’s hard work as well as the assist of weather. Under the correct leadership of municipal Party committee and government, Dalian adopted engineered comprehensive treatment measures to fully improve the forest fire management system and modern construction level of management capability. Through continuously consolidating the basic equipment construction of forest fire prevention, it has set up a relative strict forest fire alarm monitoring, firefighting commanding and supporting system.

In the important time nodes like Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Tomb-Sweeping Day, the leaders of each municipal and county Party committee all went to the forest fire prevention frontline to take command and field supervise. The forest fire prevention work has been focused by each Party committee and government, which effectively enhanced the responsibility implementation at the gross-roots level and improved the efficiency of prevention work.

The high efficiency of Dalian forest fire prevention was also demonstrated by the aerial forest fire protection capability in Dalian Jinpu Aerial Forest Fire Protection Station. Although it was just the second year since setting up, but the station insisted to forge a “sharp” forces in forest fire prevention through training in actual combat standard. This year, Jinpu Aerial Forest Fire Protection Station has finished 97 flight training, air patrol and protection and fire fighting missions in 213 hours, which found and immediately control the fire behavior for many times. It played quite important roles in the successful forest fire fighting in the whole Liaoning province.

A Universal Participant Eco-Defence Battle

Since this year’s Lantern Festival, it has displayed easy-understanding simple “forest fire prevention advertising cartoon” everyday in Dalian TV screen. Besides, the TV news and weather forecast also repeatedly played the advice of forest fire prevention. The municipal publicity department disposed high fire danger situation actively to enhance the specific publicity of forest fire prevention. All mainstream media all gave great support to initiate forest fire prevention publicity through broadcasting various fire prevention public announcements frequently, so as to strong public opinion offensive.

“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. It has been the consensus among Dalian mass cadres and people to get to mountains and forest civilized and defend the achievements of ecological construction.