Dalian Held “Four-level Secretaries Promote Petition Work” Meeting

On May 31, Dalian held “Four-level Secretaries Promote Petition Work” meeting to deploy the related works on reducing and controling growth of the contradictions. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Tan Chengxu, Deputy Secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting. Yu Dequan, Member of Dalian Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, deployed related work.

Tan Zuojun emphasized that carrying out the “Four-level Secretaries Promote Petition Work”activity is an important measure to thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, a concrete manifestation of persisting in human-centered thinking, and a concrete action to implement the deployment of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Liaoning Provincial Government. The four-level secretaries of different regions must earnestly implement the work requirements of the “Four-level Secretaries Promote Petition Work” and promote the implementation of the three-year task with responsibility.

We must adhere to the "leader management" , regarding doing a good job of stabilizing letters and visits as a due diligence and duty. We must make the four-level secretaries regulate concretely,  regulate concrete things, and regulate in depth, regulate in different levels, regulate at all levels. We never do anything without results. We must adhere that the party and the government have the same responsibility. Under the leadership of the party committee, government at all levels must clarify responsibilities and improve policies, make overall plans for coordination to solve letters and visits, and personally handle cases, receive visits, and study.

We must adhere to the principle of co-governance, and all relevant departments and units must assume their responsibilities and form a working pattern of party committee leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, and linkage. Tan Zuojun emphasized that we must adhere to the principle of treating both surface and interior, focus on reducing and controling, ensuring that the three-year special activity of promoting petition work can achieve great results. It is necessary to focus on highlighting problems and solve them bravely to promote the management of reasonable and legitimate demands.

We must be patient and meticulous in the work of the masses, organically combine petition works with accurate poverty alleviation, make every efforts to help those in need, and solve their actual difficulties. We must use legal thinking and the rule of law to carry out work, enhance publicity in laws and policies, guide the masses to correctly exercise the rights of petitions through the legal channels, and form a good atmosphere to handle affairs according to law, and solve problems by law. It is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, improve the mechanism for the prevention of contradiction at the source, and the performance evaluation mechanism, so as to provide powerful guarantees for the promotion of petition work.

The meeting was attended by Dalian Municipal leaders such as Wang Qiang, Liu Weimu, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, and Yang Yaowei, and Wu Tao, Attorney General of the City Procuratorate.

The responsible people of Dalian Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Bureau, the party committee of the Land and Resources Bureau and Wafangdian Municipal Committee made statements. The meeting was also attended by responsible people of various departments of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, municipal courts, municipal direct and provincial units, and governments of all districts and cities, counties and opening districts.