“Dalian Rostrum” Made Deep Exploration on Construction of Free Trade Port

Yesterday, Zhang Yuanjun, manager of People's Bank of China Dalian Central Sub-branch and director of State Administration of Foreign Exchange Dalian Branch, came to “Dalian Rostrum” to make special report centered on “Understanding of Construction of Free Trade Port”. Tan Zuojun, member of standing committee of provincial Party committee and municipal Party secretary, together with Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of municipal Party and mayor, Xiao Shengfeng, director of standing committee of municipal people’s congress, attended the colloquium. Lulin, member of standing committee of municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor presided over colloquium.

In the report, Zhang Yuanjun analyzed and expounded comprehensively the development tendency of free trade port from four aspects, including financial development and free trade port construction, conception and development opportunity of free trade port, general thinking of construction of free trade port in Dalian and thoughts of relevant issues about free trade port construction. He suggested Dalian to initiate from thinking to actively undertake the reform mission of free trade port construction with the aim of building a urban port integrated free trade port city. Besides, it shall explore open-up experience about offshore trade and finance development and integrative development of competitive industries. The report had accurate and detailed data, profound thought and prospective analysis, which had significance for municipal leading cadres to further enhance reform and innovative consciousness, change economic  development pattern, cultivate new economic growth impetus, deepen open-up and advance the development of urban-port integrated free trade port city.

The colloquium requested that it shall actively advance the construction of free trade test site in line with the deployment of central government and provincial Party committee. It shall take the application of free trade port construction as a long-term program for Dalian development centering on the construction of “one belt one road”. Through pooling wisdom in all parties, it shall draw up the development plan to promote transformation and innovation development unswervingly. Taking this report as an opportunity and combined with the careful consideration of planning, it shall make overall arrangements to forge ahead with determination and practice. Besides, it shall guide the new-round overall revitalization in Liaoning earnestly to write a new chapter for Dalian “two districts” construction in new era.

The leading cadres from municipal standing committee, people’s congress, government and political committee, together with leaders from municipal court, procuratorate, districts, counties and open leading region, provincial and municipal enterprise and public institutions, attended the report.