Zhuanghe City Implements Informing & Pledging System in Major Project’s Approval

On May 15, Zhuanghe City held feasibility analysis and evaluation meeting of implementing informing & pledging method in major project’s approval. This meeting was jointly organized by Dalian Huanghai Economic Zone Approval Office and the Zhuanghe Public Administration Service Center. It was to explore the implementation of the informing & pledging method for the approval of the Zhanghe Port 301#-303# berth timber quarantine treatment zone construction project (referred to as the “Huichang Wharf Timber Quarantine Treatment Zone Project”).

It is introduced that the“Huichang Wharf Timber Quarantine Treatment Zone Project” is an important elementary project in the national strategy for revitalizing the Northeastern China, which plays an important role in improving the function of the Zhuanghe Port District and promoting the development of main industry and the formation of industrial clusters in Zhuanghe City.

 Moreover, implementing informing & pledging method is another major measure for Zhuanghe City to promote the construction of the business environment and strengthen the transformation of the style of work, effectively breaking the bottleneck of project approval and ensuring that the project is completed and accepted on time.