Making Zhuanghe a Sponge City Has Been Fully Promoted

Up to now, 21 capacity-building projects related to sponge city construction have been basically completed, 85 projects in engineering construction projects have been fully started with 30 projects of them being completed, and the accumulated investment has exceeded 1.9 billion yuan.


In May 2016, Zhuanghe, on behalf of Dalian, was listed as the fifth on the second batch of pilot cities supported by central finance on the construction of sponge cities. Since then, Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee and Government has taken the sponge city construction as a major transformation and a technological innovation, and they creatively carry out the pilot construction which vigorously promote the construction of sponge city. It is understood that the pilot area of sponge city covers an area of 21.8 square kilometers, involving various functional areas such as new urban areas, old industrial areas and urban villages. In order to effectively solve the flood and water environment problems in this area, Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee and Government has formulated the special planning and system construction scheme of sponge city construction. There are 143 demonstration projects, including 21 capacity-building projects and 122 engineering projects, with an estimated investment of 3.86 billion yuan. Following the tables and charts, the time limit for a project is currently being laid down, accelerating the construction of sponge city.


On May 11th, the sponge reconstruction project in the north section of Shugang Road, one of the most important parts of sponge city construction, also officially kicked off. Shugang road, located in the west bank of Xiaosi river, is an important north-south main road in urban areas. The sponge reconstruction project in the north section of Shugang Road will create a brand-new sponging road and cut off the sewage in the west bank of Xiaosi river, which is a hottest livelihood project and people-benefit project.


This construction brings more benefits to Zhuanghe people. 143 construction projects, each of which is based on the actual situation and the sponge city construction concept, create featured projects and high-quality projects. With the completion of all projects, a charming coastal city with distinctive features is transforming to a city livable and suitable for business along with green development and lifestyle development, bringing Zhuanghe people a real sense of gain and happiness.