Strengthening Food Sampling in Zhuanghe Boosts the Establishment of Demonstration City

At present, the establishment of Zhuanghe into a national food safety demonstration city is in full swing. Zhuanghe Food Inspection and Monitoring Center plays a functional role in strengthening sampling inspection to ensure that people can eat safely, which adds full power to the establishment.


Food Inspection and Monitoring Center, as one of the main forces in the establishment, undertakes all the sampling work. This year, Zhuanghe plans to conduct random inspection and monitoring of food safety for 3,400 batches. For this reason, the center has continuously improved the food safety inspection system, implemented the responsibility of supervision and sampling inspection, and further standardized the procedural requirements of inspection varieties, inspection batches, inspection methods, inspection items and the like. In the sampling, all the processes should be guided by the discovery of food safety problems, adhere to the principle of targeting, and adhere to the principle of combining planned sampling with special sampling to ensure the control and traceability of key points of risk.