Investment Promotion Scheduling Conference was Held in Zhongshan District

On the morning of April 8, the investment promotion scheduling conference, presidered over by Liujian, deputy director of Zhongshan District, was held in the first-floor executive conference room in Zhongshan District government.

In the conference, Wang Xiangping, director of district Economic and Trade Bureau, informed the situations of district and each sub-district investment promotion work in first quarter. Meanwhile, he stated the existing major problems in current investment promotion work and raised suggestions for further work. Yuling, deputy director of district Market Supervision and Administration detailed introduced the market situation in Zhongshan District and made comparative analysis of China and western market situations. Bedsides, he reported the newly increased foreign capital enterprises in first quarter of 2017 and 2018. Major leaders of each sub-district reported the implementation of foreign actual investment, the complete status of “going out” and “bring in” and the reserves of potential projects in this year.