Dalian State and Local Tax Bureaus Spent Three years to Fuel University Student Innovative Undertaking

Recently, the spring wind of tax publicity was blowing in the “University Student Business Entrepreneurship Base for Tax Service”in Liaoning Vocational College Light Industry. The tax publicity month activity themed “Tax Fuel Entrepreneurship to Broaden Employment Channel”was carried out as scheduled under the cooperation of Jinzhou District State and Local Tax Bureaus, bonded area State and Local Tax Bureaus and Dalian Jinpu New Distric Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

During the activity, the tax cadres have explained the tax policy about entrepreneurship for the university student entrepreneur team. Starting from the registration, it covered various aspects, like tax preference, enterprise subsidy and individual income tax, which was a “one-stop” policy explanation for the presented university students. The videos about the entrepreneurial stories of post-80s and 90s enterprise representatives in Jinpu New District gained great popular among university students.

Xue Enchen, director of Recruitment and Employment Office in Liaoning Vocational College Light Industry expressed that through three-consecutive-year entrepreneurship policy propaganda in campus and maintaining the “freshness” of policy, it let the entrepreneurship base always accurately and timely obtain “one-stop” various policies about entrepreneurship. It made the students who want to start up business have more confidence and enthusiasm. These three-year adherence really moved us a lot.