Dalian State and Local Tax Bureaus Spent Three Years to Assist Start-ups and Innovation

Recently, instructors from “youth tax experts group”in Dalian State and Local Tax Bureaus entered into the classroom of youth venture team to explain tax knowledge for the youth entrepreneurs. On the basis of analyzing the training experience and trainee’s reflections, two instructors explained the popular preferential tax policy specifically for the youth trainees in accordance with the newest policy changes, actual requirements and start-up cycles.

As a feature program established by the youth cooperation in Dalian State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau, the youth tax cadres has entered into the youth venture team for 3 consecutive years. The accumulated youth entrepreneurs reached over 300. It not only explained the tax registration, declaration, invoice and system operation, but also set up three-dimensional tutorial classes in lien with the popular preferential tax policy and trainee’s requirements, which was quite popular among mass youth trainees.