Dalian Zhongshan Tax Bureau Has Won Liaoning Labor Awards

As the International Labor Day was coming, Zhongshan Tax Bureau has gained a special holiday gift, Liaoning labor awards. Zhaomin, vice chairman of Dalian political committee, secretary of Zhongshan district commission, presented awards to Zhongshan Tax Bureau and conveyed warm congratulations.

Since the bureau has been set up, it always insisted the working principles of law practice, fairness, civilization and service. Taking organization revenues as center, intensifying tax collection and management as basis, optimizing service as emphasis and team construction as support, it strove to strengthen construction of internal control mechanism through exploring accurate and professional tax management mode in a scientific way, so as to put across various annual missions. It has gained many honorary titles successively, including Civilization of Chinese Youth, Liaoning Civilized Service Demonstration Window and Dalian Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization.