The Symposium on Curriculum Construction and School Connotation Development Was Held in Lyushunkou District

Recently, the symposium on curriculum construction and school connotation development sponsored by Dalian Institute of Education Science was held in Lvshun New Town Experimental School.


At the meeting, the Education Bureau of Lyushunkou District introduced the curriculum construction experience of Lyushunkou District based on the cultivation of core literacy, the development of traditional featured courses, the exploration of new modern courses and the innovation of school-based curriculum management from three levels: the overall regional development, the implementation of school construction and the exploration of teachers' development. Five distinctive class presentations, such as drama class " A Seed", picture book class " You Are My Best Friend", the overall conception of curriculum construction in all schools, the implementation process and the results of students' works expressed the implementation level of school-based curriculum in Lyushunkou District and the new model of curriculum construction which emphasizes flexibility to promote the comprehensive development of students. Representatives of principals from Zhongshan, Xigang and Shahekou districts also introduced their experiences on the development and implementation of school-based curriculum.


Besides, participating experts made further discussion on education reform, connotation construction and quality improvement in Lyushunkou District, and put forward highly targeted and constructive suggestions, which laid a solid foundation for the development of Lyushunkou District education to a higher level, deeper connotation and better quality.