Scheduling in Ganjingzi District Promotes the Deployment of Key Tasks Such As Current Economic, Reform and Assessment.

On May 9th, Ganjingzi District held the second quarter economic dispatch promotion meeting and the performance appraisal work meeting of the district management leadership to learn the spirit of the teleconference on speeding up the reform of public institutions in the whole province. All the leaders above the deputy district level and the main responsible comrades of the streets, departments and municipal resident units attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the representatives from all streets reported the economic processing and the promotion of major projects in the first quarter respectively, showing all kinds of schedules to express the details. The chief comrades of the district government and the district heads in charge made reviews one by one, analyzing short board, clarifying work measures, discussing the overall situation of the region's economy and large-scale project construction, and further promoting the redeployment of the “more than half done” in economy.


The meeting also briefed the results of the performance appraisal of district management leadership in 2017. It is required that the whole region should adhere to the problem-oriented and make up its mind to improve the performance evaluation work, and strive to make the process of evaluation optimization become the process of promoting the problem to be solved step by step, and the process of improving quality and enhancing development, contributing to the promotion of the evaluation results in 2018.


Firstly, it reflected the political nature of the assessment and leads leading cadres to implement the requirements of theoretical study. It is necessary to closely focus on the implementation of the new development concept and the "Four Forces" and "Three Advances" requirements to scientifically set assessment targets. It enlightened that the cadre’s knowledge and action should in unity with Xi Jinping's Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, the performance appraisal should be used to value the implementation effect and guide innovation and creation, so as to ensure that the Party's Theory, Line, Principles and Policies and the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party Committee are effective. Secondly, it is necessary to highlight the relevance of the assessment and lead leading cadres to complete the annual target task with high standards and high quality. In accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Committee of the District Party Committee and the District “two sessions”, the focus should be put on the key tasks, major issues and the performance evaluation. Assessment should be the key emphasis in annual work objectives, the key development tasks, the comprehensive deepening reform, the improvement of people's livelihood and welfare and the problem orientation, making it the baton in quality improvement and efficiency improvement. Thirdly, it is necessary to increase assessment initiative and lead leading cadres to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party to develop in depth. The key emphasis would be assessment of the responsibility of governing the Party, the Party building, the implementation of " Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind " theme education, the implementation of the central and provincial Party Committee patrol feedback rectification, the Party's conduct and clean government construction and resolutely eliminate the pernicious influence of Bo Xilai and Wang min and the Party style construction, achieving comprehensive and strict governance of the party in depth, continuous improvement of cadres' style, and political and ecological restoration and purification. Fourthly, it’s crutial to pay attention to the innovation of examination and make concerted efforts on the effectiveness of accurate examination. Setting precise targets need to be in accordance with the connecting link, making them accessible to cadres. Besides, the potential performance and the increasing weighting can guide the leaders of the whole region to do more to lay the foundation and benefit the long term. Improving the dynamic assessment mechanism and strengthening the docking with the municipal departments for half-year and fill-year assessment can help to keep the work continuity and synergy. Through the combination of annual assessment and daily assessment, qualitative analysis and quantitative assessment, and the combination of upper assessment and lower discussion, positive incentive bonus points are scientifically set, and positive guidance is further strengthened.