Ganjingzi District Held A Special Debriefing Meeting for Talents and A Promotion Meeting for Key Party Building Projects

On May 10th, Ganjingzi District held a meeting on special debriefing of talents and promotion of key Party building projects at district level. Song Cheng, secretary of Ganjingzi District Party Committee and leader of district talent work leading group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while Xu Kejun, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and District Mayor presided over the meeting. Ni Jinfei, director of the Standing Committee of Ganjingzi District People's Congress, Wang Peng, chairman of the District Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Liu Caiqin, Wang Ge, Li Changyong, Zhang Bin, Ding Lin and Guan Zhanlong, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, attended the meeting.


This special debriefing on talent work is the first time in the District, and it is also a high-standard debriefing meeting attended by the main leaders of the four major teams in the District and the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, showing that the District Party Committee attaches great importance to talent work. At the meeting, the main responsible comrades of the 14 sub-district Party Working Committees and the two District Direct Party Committees gave speeches, and other leading group members made written debriefing.


The Party Committee secretaries and organization commissaries of all streets, comrades in charge of the leading group member units of District talent work and related staff, attended the meeting.