The Training Course for Cadres Assigned to Work in Villages was Held in Jinpu New Area

Yesterday, the New Area held a training class for cadres at the Party school of the District Committee to conduct centralized training for the second group of 186 cadres assigned to work in villages. Cong jun, member of the Working Committee of Jinpu New Area Party Committee and minister of organization, attended the class opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


In order to carry out the strategy of rural revitalization in depth, according to the deployment of provincial government and the actual situation, the Municipal Party Committee and government decided to send cadres to villages and towns to work as the first deputy secretary of township Party Committees and the first secretary of village Party organizations. The first batch of 9 cadres have been in the position. The second batch of 186 cadres will be at work today. In order to improve the appointment ability and sense of responsibility of the selected cadres, the training class focused on centralized training of rural grass-roots party building work, rural revitalization related policies, rural governance, rural e-commerce applications and other content. And the cadres who used to be the first secretary of the village were invited to impart experience.