Zhuanghe Leaders Supervise Forest Fire Prevention Work

On May 7, Deputy Mayors of Zhuanghe City, Su Changzhong and Wang Guojian, accompanied by relevant departments, went to some scenic spots in Zhuanghe City and inspected the forest fire prevention work on site.

As temperature rise, tourists in various forest areas are increasing, which increases the hidden dangers of forest fire. The leaders came to the Forest Fire Brigade of Dalian Yinshitan National Forest Park and Xianrendong National Nature Reserve, National Nature Reserve Administration, Dalian Bingyu Tourist Resort and Dalian Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. They inspected the condition of fire source control, on-duty readiness, material reserves, fire prevention atmosphere, and monitoring room management and detailed learned the recent arrangements for forest fire prevention work.

The leaders pointed out that the situation of forest fire prevention in scenic spots is very severe for its unique geographical location and dense vegetation. Fire prevention is a top priority and must not be treated lightly; the forest firefighters and professional fire fighting teams must be strictly managed to control the use of fire in the wild, ensuring scenic security; the awareness should be raised, publicity and education on forest fire prevention should be strengthened, prominent fire warning signs in key locations should be set to create a good atmosphere for fire prevention; inspections and on-duty inspections should be intensified to eliminate the hidden dangers of fire, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property.