Zhuanghe City Held 12th Dispatch Meeting of Sponge City Construction Project

On May 7th, Zhuanghe City held the 12th dispatch meeting of Sponge City construction in the conference room 600 in Zhuanghe City Government Building. The meeting was attended by Vice Mayors of Zhanghe City, Su Changzhong, Wang Guojian, and principals of relevant units such as Zhuanghe Planning and Construction Bureau, Zhuanghe Sponge Office, spv company, China Construction Eightth Bureau and relevant departments about Sponge City project.

Before the meeting, leaders of Zhuanghe City went to some construction sites of Sponge City project such as the Jiangjun Lake Delta Wetland, Flood Drainage Channel in Zhang Tune, University City Phase II, No. 11and No.13Road in Lin Port, the surrounding road in farm farmland, and the 4th catchment area. They learned the progress of project construction and heard relevant work reports.

At the meeting, the principle of Sponge City Office reported the overall construction of the project, stated the problems existing in the current construction and proposed opinions for the next step. The leaders emphasized that the time of the construction is tight and the task is heavy, which needs great concerns. The project construction unit should raise awareness, enhance sense of responsibility, and accelerate construction progress.

It is necessary to concentrate on conducting research on major projects and people's livelihood projects such as the old pipe network in the old-city district, the transformation of the sewage pipe network, and the treatment scheme of three rivers in urban areas to produce more quality projects and highlight projects. All functional departments should cooperate with each other, propose more good suggestions, make good construction scheme, find problems in time, and jointly promote project construction. Moreover, the department should pay close attention on key projects, carry out construction in strict accordance with the requirements, and ensure the quality, quantity, and safety of the project construction.