The Conference on Inventory And Rectification of Leaders Offices Was Held

On May 3rd, a meeting on inventory and rectification of leaders offices was convened. Song Li, member of the Standing Committee of Zhuanghe municipal party Committee, Secretary of Zhuanghe commission for discipline inspection and director of Zhuanghe commission, attended the meeting, and put forward specific requirements for the rectification work of office space inventory of leading cadres, making clear the time limit for rectification of office space inventory of leading cadres and reaffirming and clarifying the standards for the use of office space of leading cadres.


The meeting pointed out that the investigation and rectification of office buildings is an important part of conscientiously implementing the spirit of the Party Central Committee's eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct and strengthening the work style construction. It is a serious political task, a radical reform of the Party's work style and political style, an important aspect of strict discipline and rules of the Party, and the care of Zhuanghe municipal Committee for party members and leading cadres, so that leading cadres will not be subject to violations of rules and regulations, and it’s a further change of the work style to improve the image of the Party Committee and government.


Secretaries of Discipline Inspection Commissions and relevant persons from 25 townships, streets, government organs and units, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions attended the meeting.