Zhuanghe Commemorated the 99th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement

To commemorate the 99th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, in recent days, the Municipal Party Committee of Zhuanghe has led league organizations at all levels in the city to carry out a series of activities to commemorate the May 4th Movement with the theme of Displaying Youth And Condensing the Zhuanghe Youth.


It’s reported that various grassroots organizations of the city launched a variety of commemorative activities respectively during the May 4th Movement, focusing on staying true to the mission, following the Party and making achievements in the new are. Young cadres from Xinhua street visited Changling e-commerce platform and worshipped Shi chunying martyr. More than 50 outstanding youth volunteer representatives from Dazheng Youth League Committee launched a series of activities in the Dazheng New City with the theme of Welcoming the Youth Day and Exhibiting Features of Teenagers. The young members of the Youth League Committee of Landian Township came to visit the Dandong Railway Museum. Youth volunteers in Xuling Township, government officials and youth league members in Buyunshan Township held environmental public welfare activities, contributing to the construction of a civilized city.