Zhuanghe Customs Helps Enterprises to Respond to Changes in International Market

On the eve of the May 1st, the leaders of Zhuanghe Customs came to Dalian Huafu Food Co., Ltd. to conduct a sample survey on the products. They went to the workshop, carefully sampled the products, and supervised the production process, actively helping enterprises to respond to various changes in the current international market. 

The Sino-U.S. trade war has brought pressure on the production of some export enterprises. In order to help export processing enterprises, the Inspection and Quarantine Department of Zhuanghe Customs changed their work style and actively conducted in-depth investigation and inspection to guide enterprises in all aspects.

It is known that the products of Dalian Huafu Food Co., Ltd. are exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Africa. Under the early warning analysis and guidance of the Inspection Department of Zhuanghe Customs, they were full of confidence in China's influence and economic strength on the international market. The production of products seriously implemented the food hygiene quality standards of international and export countries. Moreover, the workshops are strictly managed to produce in various processes and the overall food processing. The competitiveness of enterprise products in the international market will be enhanced through green, safe and reliable foods.