Lushunkou District Will Conduct Activities to Commemorate May 4th Movement

In order to mark the 99th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, the Youth League Committee of Lushunkou District will conduct a series of activities during the China’s Youth Day in the district.

First, it will carry out the activity themed on “Inheriting May 4th Spirit and Developing Family Traditions” with original article collection and speech contest. Through writing and speaking of excellent family tradition, the young people in the district will pay attention to family, family education and family tradition, thereby the socialist core values will subtly become the ideological self-consciousness and action consciousness of the young people; Second, it will carry out love transmission activity, which is oriented to primary and secondary schools in the district. The official WeChat of Youth League Committee will release the needs of students in difficult families and collect corresponding living goods and school supplies to match the needs of the students in time. This activity will promote the traditional virtues of diligence, saving, and helping each other, while demonstrating the spirit of selfless dedication of contemporary youth; Third, it will carry out the youth honorable person CS team competition. Through the CS highly simulated warfare, the youth can feel the mode of modern warfare and cyber warfare to comprehend the excellent practical strategies of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, to strengthen the awareness of peace and national defense, and to train military practice capability. At the same time, the activity can promote the healthy lifestyle, enhance contact and communication, and improve team cohesion.