Tan Zuojun Came to Dalian Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters to propose new and higher requirements

At 3 p.m. of April 28, Tan Zuojun, provincial standing committee and secretary of municipal Party committee came to Dalian Forestry Bureau forest fire prevention headquarters to make the check again on the forest fire prevention during the May day holiday. He listened to the working report of Zhou Zhenlei, executive deputy general director of municipal forest fire prevention headquarters and director of municipal Forestry Bureau. Besides, he checked the attendance and preparation situations of forest fire prevention at all levels as well as the operating situation of video surveillance in key forest area. Finally, he made important instructions on the forest fire work during May day holiday and the later period of spring protection.

On behalf of municipal forest fire prevention headquarters and municipal Forestry Bureau, Zhou Zhenlei expressed that secretary Tan’s arrival was both the high value of forest fire prevention work and great encouragement for forestry workers and forest fire prevention personnel. We shall carefully implement the significant instructions made by secretary Tan Zuojun and strived to prevent the forest fire with solid determination and confidence.

Tan Zuojun affirmed the work of forest fire prevention, especially the achievements made in the passing 16 years without any fire accident during Tomb Sweeping Day. Besides, he made new higher request on the current severe situation of little rainfall and incidental fire. He stressed that first, it shall take strict precautions. It was of vital importance for forest fire prevention. As it was quite difficult to take prevention and control, emphasis shall be laid on the responsibility strictly without any relax. Second, it shall strengthen the constructions of professional team and basic equipment. The professional forest fire prevention team shall be well selected and the equipment and instrument shall be undated continuously to improve the capability of coping with emergent events. Third, it shall enhance the application of science and technology. The roles played by big data, cloud platform and intelligent monitoring and management shall be used to achieve early discovery, early treatment. Fourth, consolidate fireproofing in accordance with law. The public security organs and police at all levels shall combine together to maintain high pressure on illegal usage of fire in field. Fifth, it shall fully play the function of publicity through “loudspeaker” and “broadcast”. The effect of educational publicity of "the microcheiria to pull the dexterity" shall be consolidated to create favorable publicity atmosphere through comprehensively using of push technology on phones and video. Sixth, it shall encourage the mass people to participate to the management and monitoring of forest fire prevention to achieve the aim of decreasing fire accident with mutual monitoring and suggestion. Finally, each department shall cooperate together to form joint forces. The personnel in municipal forest fire prevention headquarters shall carefully perform responsibilities to strengthen coordination and linkage, so as to form joint forces to prevent heavy forest fire accident.

Xiong Boli, member of municipal standing committee and secretary general of municipal Party committee, together with Liu Shiwu, director of municipal administration of work safety accompanied the check. Xudong, full-time deputy commander of municipal forest fire prevention headquarters and director of municipal forestry public security bureau, together with Lijie, deputy director of municipal forest fire prevention headquarters office and deputy director of municipal forestry public security bureau, made the report.