The Sixth Chairman Meeting of Seventh Political Consultative Conference was Held in Zhuanghe City

On April 26, the sixth chairman meeting of seventh political consultative conference was held in Zhuanghe. It listened to the working report of Zhuanghe public security and organized some committee members to review the public security works. Yu Decai, chairman of Zhuanghe political consultative conference, together with vice chairman Liu Zhenliang, Wang Yufu, Liu Yuquan, and secretary general Liu Naixu, attended the conference. Huangquan, the deputy mayor of Zhuanghe City, director of Zhuanghe Public Security Bureau, attended the conference and delivered speech on behalf of Zhuanghe government. Liu Yuquan presided over the conference.

Yu Decai indicated in his speech that the new era and situation have given new task and requirement for the public security work. As the mainstay to maintain the security and stability of the whole city, Zhuanghe public security organ shall deeply realize its sacred duty and significant mission. Under the leadership of Zhuanghe Party committee and government, it shall further clear thinking and grasp the situation with steady working style. Besides, it shall focus on the center work to make new contributions on supporting development. Highlight the key points to make growth on maintaining stability. Carefully perform duties to gain new achievement on serving people’s livelihood. Rule over police strictly to make new efficiency on team construction. 

Yu Decai expressed that it was everyone’s responsibility to push the construction of safe Zhuanghe. Zhuanghe Party committee will actively draw on strengths and pool together intelligence and forces to jointly fuel the public security work development to a new stage, so as to make larger contributions for high-quality development of the modern ecological port city in north Yellow Sea.