2018 Fourth Party-Government Enlarged Conference was Held in Jinpu New District

Yesterday afternoon, Wangqiang, member of municipal standing committee, secretary of Jinpu new district Party working committee and director of management committee, presided over this year’s fourth Party-government enlarged conference. In the conference, he listened to the work completion in April, the report of work arrangement in May and the deployment and measures in next stage.

The district leaders Jizheng, together with Liu Aimin, Congke, Shang Shuchen, Chenjie, Liu Jinhong, Wang Xiqing, Tong Xinqiu, Li Pengye, Li Hanguo, Chu Tianyun, Zhang Hongguang and leading comrades from Dalian Development Area Management Committee, made reports by turns. Xie Xuehui, director of district standing committee, and Liwei, chairman of district political committee attended the conference.

“As a leader, you should be responsible for what you do and think for what you should do”, Wangqiang requested. Each functional zone, like industrial park, department, sub-district and Party members, cadres and civil servants in unit shall be responsible for the cause and new district to study and crack down on the puzzlement and fuel the regional development. Besides, it shall earnestly implement the main responsibility by strict rule over the Party and select cadres to village to shoulder the anti-crime working issues.

As for the common concerned issues of reform on management system and operating system, Wangqiang transmitted the municipal instructions and spirits. He indicated that the reform shall be conducted on the basis of fully listening to the views of all parties, which shall be reformed in place in one effort. All departments in district shall make good cooperation in line with the requirements of municipal Party committee and government to create new advantage with mechanism innovation.