Jinpu Science & Technology Association Launched Activities of “Spring of Science and Technology”

Few days ago, Jinpu Science & Technology Association combined with Desheng sub-district office, Jinpu Weather Bureau and Jinpu Agricultural Service Center, organized activities of “Spring of Science and Technology” in rural area and world meteorological day in Jiangjia assembly, Desheng sub-district.

Following the principles of closing to rural actual situation and peasant’s production and life in high efficiency, it provided services of distributing popular scientific material, on-site consultation of agricultural technology and gratuitous hygiene consultation. The distributed popular scientific materials, including forest fire prevention, prohibition of straw burning, weather warning and typhoon and flood prevention, have attracted mass participation in a favorable effect of publicity. Besides, the scientific manual with abundant contents like “Operative Technology of Modern Agriculture”, “Tips for Healthy Life” and “Operative Technology of Large Cherry Plantation” was in good readability and strong practicability, which was suitable for mass peasants. The promotional cards of maternal and children health care including “Basic Public Child Health” and “Basic Public Pregnant Women Health Service” enjoyed great popularity among rural women with clear and easy understanding knowledge. In the hygiene information desk, the volunteers from sub-district health center made health check for peasants, distributed drugs for free and popularized health knowledge. As for science promotion in rural area activity, it has distributed more than 20,000 popular science promotional materials, 20 publicity panels. What’s more, it completed more than 500 consultations among people with warm welcome.