Jinpu New District Held Youth Sharing Session to Commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement

This is a new era that we are in youth. As the Youth Day is coming, the new district held a youth sharing session themed “Our New Era” in the studio of broadcasting and TV station to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement in the afternoon yesterday. 500 youth league members from all walks of life in district gathered together to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up. They demonstrated the youthful Jinpu style through building ideological consensus of supporting the Party with original intention and making contributions in this new youth era, so as to aggregate youth positive energy for the construction of international modern coastal city. Sun Xiaofeng, the deputy secretary of the Party working committee in Jinpu new district and deputy secretary of municipal corporation, together with Chen Zeguo, deputy director of district standing committee, Yan Liming, vice chairman of district political consultative conference, attended the activity.

The sharing session contained 4 chapters, “Powerful Youth Worker” , “Promising Youth Peasant”, “Responsible Youth People” and “Aspiring Youth”, which was demonstrated in the form of “youth lecture + show in new era”. In the “youth lecture”, the proud Jinpu youth representatives from various industries, like high-speed train and nuclear power, took turns to walk on stage to share their struggling stories and youth feelings. In the “youth show”, the programs demonstrated by students from district schools like “thumb up for the new era” pushed the atmosphere to the climax over and over again.  

Before the sharing session, the regionalizing league construction alliance in the new district held the first plenary session, which marked the alliance launched officially. The leaders presented the session initiated the construction alliance themed “Youth Jinpu”.