Ganjingzi District Participated in the 14th Strait Travel Fair

The 14th Strait Travel Fair was held in Xiamen International Conference Center from April 20th to 22nd.


Nearly 10,000 merchants from 43 countries and regions as well as the tourism administrations of 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China attended the Strait Travel Fair. The exhibition showcased a variety of new types of leisure activities such as hot springs, cabins, shared cars, yachting experiences, VR experiences, bubble houses, robot interactions, etc., bringing good experiences to the citizens.


Under the organizing of the Municipal Tourism Development Committee, the Ganjingzi District Tourism Bureau actively participated in the special promotion activities of Worthwhile Trip in Liaoning. At the exhibition site, more than 1,800 copies of tourism brochures, tourist maps, and tourist souvenirs were distributed. Through comprehensive promotion of featured resources, key products and marketing of fine lines, they have conducted comprehensive and meticulous publicity and promotion of tourism in Ganjingzi District. In this way, all exhibitors and citizens were attracted to come for consultations and exchanges, increasing awareness of tourism in Ganjingzi District and further expanding the tourist source market.