Municipal Forestry Bureau Won the Honorary Title of Outstanding Unit on Targeted Supporting in 2017

On April 20th, Urban Poverty Alleviation Office printed and distributed the Circular on the Status of the Targeted Helping in 2017. The Municipal Forestry Bureau conscientiously implemented the poverty alleviation, scientifically formulated help measures, solidly carried out the supporting project and made outstanding achievement, winning the honorary title of Outstanding Unit on Targeted Supporting in 2017.


In 2017, The poverty alleviation team was established, consisting of the Zhou Zhenlei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the Director of the Forestry Bureau as the leader and more than 120 members from the Party braches, offices, and institutions of the government. The Poverty Alleviation Team has repeatedly visited Xijiu Village, Tongyi Street, Pulandian District, distributing donation and forestry propaganda materials and economic forest planting technical manuals. They visited every household and talked with villagers to fill and ensure targets of assistance. The Pulandian District Commercial Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, and Tongyi Street responsible comrades held a meeting to arrange for the repair and expansion of the Fangtang issue and the development of the boutique GuoGuang Apple and the establishment of a fruit trading market. The team helped Xijiu Village to learn the subsidy policies of the municipal government in investing in afforestation and greening projects. Following the field research and repeated argumentation, the afforestation project of Xijiu Village Ecological Park was proposed. At present, the plan has been completed and the project has been fully started. After the project is completed, it will provide the villagers with an eco-tourism garden for leisure and recreation.