Municipal Forestry Bureau Was Invited to Lyushunkou District to Supervise the Forestry Ecological Construction

On the afternoon of April 24th , Zhou Zhenlei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the Director of the Forestry Bureau, was invited to the Lyushunkou District to provide a special guidance on Implementing the concept of green development and Strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, with members of the Lyushunkou District Party Committee Theory Learning Center and leaders at deputy level and above from the District Management Committee level, a total of more than 400, listening to the report.


Zhou Zhenlei's popular expressions, detailed analysis and comprehensive perspectives elaborated on the essence of the ten major projects in the forestry ecological civilization construction, continuing to strengthen the forestry ecological construction, creating beautiful Lyvshunkou, comprehensively strengthening the management and protection of forestry ecological resources, implementing the project on forest pests and diseases and the impact of institutional reform on forestry work. He helped more than 400 people in the Lyushunkou District learning forestry ecological construction and was warmly welcomed.