Ganjingzi District Has Completed Heating Work for 2017-2018 Successfully

Ganjingzi District Urban and Rural Construction Bureau successfully completed heating work from 2017 to 2018.

During the heating period, the district Urban and Rural Construction Bureau implemented the instruction spirit of “get the people to feel Dalian’s temperature” and “the satisfaction of the mass is the sole criterion” and earnestly implemented the heating work instructions of the leaders. Moreover, it fulfilled management functions in a solid manner, defined responsibility, and strengthened supervision to achieve the goal of“one reduction and two improvement.” With the effort of the district, the heating work has been successfully completed in the winter and the spring.

In the next step, the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau will sum up work experience, sort out the existing problem, and do a good job of checking the heating subsidies for needy residents in 2017-2018. Meanwhile, it plans to prepare the NPC proposal for the CPPCC National Committee, supervise the maintenance and renovation of heating facility in the nex summer, focus on the progress of thefacility maintenance, and resolve main problems, laying a solid foundation for the next year's heating work.