Lushunkou District Held 30th Patriotic Health Month Publicity Campaign

On April 11, Lushun Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office organized the 30th patriotic health month publicity campaign. The theme of the campaign is “Participate in the Patriotic Health Campaign and Defend National Sanitary City.”

A total of 34 exhibition boards were displayed in the activity, which mainly publicize the general knowledge such as the establishment of health city, knowledge of health education, prevention and control of vector-based organism, and smoking control. More than 4,000 public health education brochures were distributed to the public, including general knowledge of cancer control, hypertension control, hyperlipidemia control, diabetes control, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease control, and reasonable diet. It distributed health education publicity materials, publicized health knowledge to general public and helped them to understand the patriotic public health work, which was well received by the citizen.