Dalian Financial Bureau Study and Implement the Municipal Conference Spirit of Warning Education with “Three Measures”

Dalian financial bureau study and implement the municipal conference spirit of warning education with “Three Measures”. The spirt shall be studied and implemented as an important measure to build a clean government and as a guideline to boost work in practice efficiently.

First, hold enlarged conference of Party groups to convey the conference spirt and unify the thought. On March 27, the Party group of financial bureau held the enlarged conference. At the conference, Zhangbing, secretary of Party group and director of financial bureau, expressed his own thoughts after watching the educational film, “Deserter, Wang Weiyan—A Cautionary Case of Seriously Violating Disciplines”. Meanwhile, he also conveyed the specific requirements requested by Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of Dalian Party committee and mayor.

Second, it took mobilization and education again to lay a solid thought foundation against corruption. Each Party branch has also organized education and communication activities. What’s more, some comrades even have exchanged their own thoughts about this study.

Third, the responsibility division has been established to fully implement working issues. The bureau Party group have reviewed the annual key work and refined the responsibilities in detail in line with provincial and municipal government working report about “four focus and three promotions” as well as the specific actions of “strengthening earnest execution” to implement the accountability system. As for the further development, it shall take Shanghai as a comparison to adhere to a down-to-earth working style and map out a three-year working plan to fuel the development of financial industry.